4 Blogger Benefits at WTM from TBU

4 Blogger Benefits at WTM from TBU

Since 2011, Travel Bloggers Unite have been working in partnership with World Travel Market to further the blogging industry.

This year’s collaboration sees the greatest range of opportunities for bloggers at a trade show than ever before. Last month we covered the 8 press benefits for bloggers at WTM and now we wanted to cover a few of the benefits that TBU offer bloggers at WTM.

WTM TBU Sessions

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=”www.youtube.com/embed/1KKDuOar9ds?list=PLhVZKgyRW42uxPPuONyasVt5fVgxv1L7Q”]

The cornerstone of our partnership at WTM are the #WTMTBU sessions that we deliver at the show.

This year we will once again provide fresh new topics that haven’t been heard at any previous events, informative case studies and best practice guidance which provide our audience with valuable take aways.

These sessions are curated as a result of both our experience from delivering quality programs at our conferences and experience of working in the travel industry. They appeal to both bloggers and the travel trade, therefore they are extremely popular. In 2011 we had a capacity of just 90 people, the 2013 show saw that increase to over 1600.

Arriving early is essential if you wish to find a seat!

Digital Influencer Events on Stand

blog_OliverG_16JulyAt this year’s show TBU are actively working with exhibitors and their PR agencies to deliver a series of special events throughout the show.

The first event we held was the Florida Coast-to-Coast Tweetup in 2011, with Gosh PR and Visit Florida. The tweetup saw influential bloggers invited to network with the variety of co-exhibitors on the Visit Florida stand.

These events will be on both a invite only (due to capacity restrictions on some stands) and a ‘open to all’ basis. They will provide bloggers with an opportunity to gain valuable contacts through networking with exhibitors and brands who are keen to meet and work with bloggers.

Blogger Friendly Stands and Appointments

One of the most popular features amongst is the blogger friendly stands and appointments feature on our website.

The blogger friendly stands are those exhibitors who are willing to accept bloggers onto their stand throughout the show. The blogger appointments are specific times when exhibitors have media slots to talk to the bloggers about their destination or brand. These typically last 5-10 minutes.

Bloggers greatly benefit from this feature by having a ‘ready-made’ list of exhibitors that they can potentially do business with.

For this years show we are developing a new service on the main TBU website, similar to a jobs board that will enable bloggers to search through the variety of opportunities open to them. Exhibitors will also be able to directly add themselves to the ‘jobs board’.

Google Hangouts

Last year we piloted a series of successful Google Hangouts with bloggers who were attending WTM.

These hangouts were free of charge and designed to help bloggers whether they were visiting for the first time or were repeat visitors to the show.

We went through the press benefits, highlighting all the TBU benefits that are afforded to bloggers as well as general hints and tips on how best to do business with the stands.

We will be rolling out these hangouts from September onwards.


For all the latest information about WTM from Travel Bloggers Unite, ensure you visit our website from September onwards.

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