Sardinia, a unique land, timeless & boundless

Sardinia, a unique land, timeless & boundless

A unique land, timeless and boundless, an endless island. His ancient story steeped in charm and mystery, beyond comparison with other Mediterranean and European civilizations, which has generated a strongly characterized identity. Sardinia is a unique combination of climate, beautiful sceneries, language, customs and traditions, an island to discover and love, that weaves ties deep, almost inseparable, with its inhabitants and its hosts.

Sardinia reveals to its visitors, welcomed in an inviting atmosphere, an invaluable treasure: nearly two thousand kilometres of coastline that opens into white beaches and clear blue sea and lead toward the inside, in scenarios made of mountains, plateaus and valleys with forests, rivers, waterfalls and lakes. Sardinia means not only environment, nature and an unrivalled variety of holiday offers but also Archaeological and historical monuments, traditional festivities and festivals, good food and wellness, sports and leisure. Unique places, landscapes and events each having its soul capable of arousing feelings and emotions.


Island-park, emotional itineraries in natural reserves

Sardinia is located in the centre of Mediterranean with all colours, warmth, mildness of this sea, a paradise to visit and discover. A ‘Park-Island’ that lives in balance between nature and culture, identity and innovation. In Sardinia a combination of climate, beautiful landscapes, food, environmental and social sustainability help to generate a good quality of life for residents and visitors. Several ‘souls’ together created its strong identity: every place is a fascinating discovery and an unforgettable experience for holiday or a lifetime. In its parks you will find itineraries inland, coastline and off-shore: in addition to naturalistic sceneries, you will discover archeological memorabilia, handcrafted excellences, food specialties, traditions and events.

In protected marine areas there are cliffs that plunge into the sea alternated with white beaches: you can make boat tours, snorkeling and diving in breathtaking backdrops, where the granite rocks are covered with sea meadows and colored by the yellow daisies and red gorgonians. You will admire natural monuments, underground tunnels, caves with submerged lake and stalactites, ancient shipwrecks.

Sardinian parks kept their ecosystems untouched and that represent an habitat for rare animals. You can visit in trekking tour, by cycling and on a horseback: you will see fascinating places, zoo without barriers, wild woods, canyons and waterfalls. The protected areas link the coast with the mountain, they are an ideal spot for outdoor activities: climbing, hiking, kayak, sailing and surfing.

With a coastline of almost two thousand miles, to explore by ship from one of sixty touristic ports which dot the island. Sardinia offers endless sandy beaches, breath-taking cliffs, secluded and deserted coves with white sand and pebble beaches, dunes and pine forests, rocks and junipers. Ponds and lagoons populated by numerous rare animal species are often located close to the main beaches. The journey from the seaside to the mountains of the interior is surprisingly short: pleasant plains suggest the direction, along rivers and streams that often flow into lakes and waterfalls. In such exceptional context the visitor will enjoy evocative itineraries in several parks, marine reserves and protected areas. Sardinia is an Island park to be explore.


Sardinia is a fascinating journey back in time

Thousands of years of history, a unique archaeological heritage in the Mediterranean, still capable of offering new discoveries: Sardinia is a time-machine that takes you from ancient times, when a fearless people built majestic nuraghi with their extraordinary architecture, like those of Barumini, Abbasanta and Torralba and impressive statues like the Giants of Monte’e Prama, to the endless material and cultural medieval heritage that still characterizes charming villages like Bosa, Carloforte, Castelsardo and Posada and cities like Alghero, Cagliari, Oristano and Sassari. From the Punic and Roman foundation that is still ‘alive’ on the coasts and can be admired in Nora and Tharros, to expressive displays by contemporary artists known throughout the world, like Costantino Nivola and Maria Lai: a mixture of past and future, Sardinia is an island suspended in time, the custodian of a legacy that is not only material and that brings vitality to the identity of its communities: the Carnival rituals, the religious holidays and characteristic events consisting of bursts of colour, fragrances and flavours. The island is not the place for a quick day-trip: it is there to be discovered and experienced especially in spring and autumn, when you can enjoy the surroundings and landscapes, the cultural heritage, the excellent artisan products, the food and wine, as well as all those expressions of warm and welcoming hospitality that the territories and the inhabitants of the island have to offer.

Villages & events, Sardinia’s essence

A glimpse of Sardinia, intriguing and mysterious. Territories where you can discover hidden hamlets in the heart of the island. Local realities often unknown to travellers, treasures to enhance: a pristine environment, natural monuments, unique landscapes, culture, archaeology, knowledge and flavours, typical and artistic handicrafts. A route that will remain one of the most vivid memories of the trip.

Farther the already mentioned Festival of Sant’Efisio, Cavalcata sarda, Discesa dei Candelieri and Sagra of Redentore, during the whole year, the other religious and historical events will be celebrated in Sardinia, such the wild horses race of the ‘Ardia’ at Sedilo in July and Corsa degli scalzi (the barefoot Race)at Cabras in September. All these events are the apotheosis of Sardinia spiritual and folkloristic tradition. Other cultural attractions will accompany any curious tourist. Literature will flourish during the fascinating festival in Gavoi in the early days of July. Moreover, cinema festivals, the best blues and jazz musicians from all over the world will join together for several events.


Sardinian cuisine: authenticity, art, taste and the elixir of long life

In Sardinia, food tells us about the history and culture of its communities. The quality of the products and the preparation and deliciousness of the dishes have a value that goes beyond taste, with authentic and distinctive elements, finding a place in events that date back thousands of years. Sardinian cuisine is art. It is a cuisine similar to the cuisine that existed many centuries ago and differs between the various territories, offering recipes based on simple, authentic ingredients and flavours that are strong and delicate at the same time.

Sardinian food products are also the basis of the ‘centenarians’ diet’. Milk and cheeses, carasau bread and other traditional breads, broths and soups with legumes, high-quality meats, vegetables like artichokes, a glass of Cannonau wine, locally sourced nutritionally rich foods, combined with the environment and the rhythm of life on the Island, all contribute to successful aging. The extremely high concentration of people living a long life has attracted research by the international scientific community, which tends demonstrate the correlation between lifestyle, diet and longevity. It is also thanks to the food, that people live better and longer lives in Sardinia compared to the international average. In fact, the percentage of centenarians and ninety-year-olds who are in good health and still active is higher, especially in Ogliastra, one of the world’s five blue zones.

The Island’s identity is also in the history of its grape varieties. One or more wines identify each area: Vermentino in Gallura, Torbato and Cagnulari in Alghero, Carignano in Sulcis Cannonau in Ogliastra and the Nuoro area, Monica, Nasco and Nuragus in Campidano, Vernaccia in the Oristano area and Malvasia in Bosa.


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