Trust and Security

Trust and Security
I’ve decided to talk about trust and security, words that are closely linked to the world of travel and its professionals, whether they are directly or indirectly involved.

Whenever anyone thinks about their holidays when they’re quietly resting, what they want is to relax in every sense of the word. This is more than just the beautiful hotel in which they’re accommodated, the trips, the flight, the restaurants and the events that await them at the destination they’ve chosen.

This concept of security is linked to the traveller’s pocket, how much they’re planning on spending at this moment in time and how much they’ve saved up and invested. In this particular case any surprises come from the discoveries they make on the trip and have absolutely nothing to do with the finances.

For a long time we’ve known that the best way to enjoy a perfect trip is to rely on the services of specialist consultants, in this case travel agents and operators. There’s nothing like a specialist for providing you with the best experience of your life.

Many people already know that Braztoa is responsible for around 90% of the trips sold in Brazil. That’s right. Millions of people have already travelled with packages they bought from the entity’s associates, mainly from travel agents; and that makes all the difference.

Because of just how representative it is, Braztoa has taken the lead and launched a hitherto unheard of product, a tool that counts a lot in the agents’ favour when they’re negotiating: it’s called the Braztoa Trip Protector and is the first insurance program in the market that protects agencies and tour operators from risks related to selling the products of tour suppliers.

This means that in addition to the consumer having access to the very best in the destination they’ve chosen, they’ll also have the guarantee that they’ll never lose money, whatever happens. If a problem occurs with the hotel, the airline, with the company managing he trips, with the restaurant that was included in the package, with the agency or even with the operator, the consumer will come out of it unscathed. Even if the traveller decides to cancel the trip they’ll not be penalised.

It’s interesting, isn’t it? How can you have access to this? It’s simple. You just have to purchase packages from Braztoa operators that already have this product and offer trips with peace of mind to their customers and consequently to you. That’s what we’re working for.

Magda is the President of Braztoa, the main partner of WTM Latin America.

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