Destination Briefing: Indonesia sets out post-COVID recovery plan

Destination Briefing: Indonesia sets out post-COVID recovery plan

Indonesia has told WTM Virtual that it is “resilient and optimistic” as it prepares to welcome back visitors.

Kicking off WTM Virtual’s programme of Destination Briefing, Nia Niscaya, Deputy Minister for Marketing at Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, outlined the new protocols the country has introduced to ensure it is Covid-safe.

The InDOnesiaCARE campaign for Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) is being rolled out across the tourism sector.

Minister Niscaya said tourism contributes 4% of the country’s GDP, equivalent to US $16.9 billion. She added that, in order to ease the regulation for visitors entering Indonesia, an e-visa has been launched.

Iman Santosa, Director of Marketing for Europe, Middle East, America and Africa for Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, said he expects Bali to be the first destination to bounce back, as the region has already met many of its new CHSE protocols.

He added visitors would find more regions to temp them.

He described Mandalika, along the south coast of Lombok, near its famous beaches such as Kuta, as “another Bali”, with the “perfect combination of nature and culture”.

The Indonesian government is investing heavily to build a large scale resort there, and it expects the region to become a world-class resort in years to come.

Likupang, in North Sulawesi, is a “paradise for divers”, while another region, Lubuan Bajo, is an area that covers 80 islands and is the gateway to Komodo National Park.

Addressing the issue of the ‘Jurassic Park’ tourism project currently being built on Komodo Island National Park, which is due to complete in June 2020, he said entry to the park would be limited, with “high prices” ensuring visitor numbers could be controlled.

He claimed the project would “ensure that the preservation of Komodo is there but on the other hand we can get the benefit of economic from foreign national tourists.

I’m sure our government will issue the best decision not only considering economy but also with Komodo itself.”


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