Iceland steps up its pledge to responsible tourism

Iceland steps up its pledge to responsible tourism

Promote Iceland will be reinforcing its commitment to responsible tourism at WTM London, with a view to protect its beautiful yet fragile environment by educating tourists on how to travel responsibly.

Each of Iceland’s seven regions are involved with a new scheme, hoping to positively affect visitor behaviour via ‘The Icelandic Pledge’. More than 25,000 visitors have already signed the online agreement in which they pledge to be a responsible tourist when visiting the country.

The eight-point pledge includes guidelines such as: when exploring new places leave them as they are, take photos without dying for them and, importantly,  never venture off- road. The latter is a reminder not only of the total ban on off-road driving in Iceland but also the law around allocated campsites when sleeping under the stars.

It also reminds visitors to be prepared for all weathers.

The guidelines underpin activities around the island’s other attractions – its gastronomy, traditions, adventures and culture.


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