New spa app upgrade

New spa app upgrade

Visitors to WTM London 2017 will have the opportunity to see and try an upgraded version of the Concept Spa & Membership iPad app.

The new release, two years after the first version, by Concept Software Systems, allows clients to easily view, create, edit and modify profiles – with a user-friendly way to upload and edit profile photos as well as a simplified process to update important profile contact details and addresses.

The management of filters and preferences has been steamlined, allowing clients to view, create, edit or modify profile preferences, as well as allowing full access to appointment list and search filters.

The app allows a client to view appointment details quickly and efficiently, and update the status of appointments, marking them reserved, confirmed and checked-in.

The app is also designed to supply the same level of intuitive control to a client’s guests – giving them access to update their own personal profile information and preferences, enhancing their own experience.

Concept Spa & Membership is part of Concept Software Systems.

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