New tool for tour ops

New tool for tour ops

Tour operators wanting to engage with clients during and after their trip will find a visit to the stand of Open Destinations beneficial.

The travel technology provider has expanded its product range after taking a majority stake in Tineri, a mobile itinerary startup designed for the tour operator market.

This new app joins the suite of applications from Open Destinations designed for tour operators, wholesalers and destination management companies.

Tineri is a white-label product for tour operators to engage with their customers, both during the holiday and after they have returned home.

The company was founded in Bangkok in 2016 and has quickly gained momentum.

Open Destinations CEO Kevin O’Sullivan said: “Tour operators want to engage more fully with their customers.

“Tineri allows them to offer a fantastic-looking mobile application that keeps their customers informed and provide high levels of service throughout the trip.

“Tour operators who invest in an app like Tineri can reinforce their brand and build customer loyalty.”

Tineri is now available to download through the Apple Store or Google Play and promises to turn static tour operator itineraries into living and breathing travel experiences.

Travellers will have full access to in-depth itineraries, which are integrated with Google Maps, allowing them to follow their trip in a map view with pop-up destination information along the way.

Using the ‘in-app’ rating and feedback service, Tineri also provides tour operators the opportunity to collect real-time ratings of customer experiences during their trip.

Russell added: “Tour operators currently spend thousands of dollars a year collecting and processing customer feedback at the end of the trip, often when it is too late to react.

“Most tour operators will see Tineri pay for itself with just this feature alone.”

Tineri founder Tim Russell added: “Tineri gives tour operators the chance to really showcase their expertise and connect with their clients when they are in the destination.

“We are planning to open up even more opportunities for them to up-sell during tours. “We believe that Tineri can really help drive additional revenue.”

Tour operators can connect to the app through a web-based content management system (CMS) or by pushing itineraries directly from their reservations system.

Open Destinations is currently developing direct integrations to a number of leading tour operator reservations systems, including the Travel Studio system, through a dedicated API.

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