Year-round Arctic fun

Year-round Arctic fun

Family favourite Elves Holiday Resort in Finnish Lapland will reveal more details about its exciting new attraction within its Elves Hideaway Experience Village.

Every year tens of thousands of tourists visit Elves Holiday Resort to enjoy winter sports, meet Santa, visit the Elves Village and experience the Aurora Borealis. The new attraction, which opens next year, means Elves Holiday Resort now offers exciting activities and fun for the whole family during the summer time.

The tunnel of goblins and elves is an exciting gateway to the experience village, where families can step into the world of true magic.

Walking through the hallways and stairs of the tunnel takes visitors to the hidden village where families can bake gingerbread cookies, visit elf school and learn how elves decided to live side-by-side with the goblins in this remote arctic place.

Elves Holiday Resort is situated 170 km north of the Arctic Circle in Levi ski resort, Finnish Lapland.

It offers three hotels, a hostel, 15 restaurants and pubs, Elves Experience Village and Arena Celebration House.

Flights to Kittilä Airport are 75 minutes from Helsinki and the transfer to the resort takes 20 minutes.
Levi village is also busy during the summer season of the nightless night, when the sun never sets.
Visiting huskies, reindeer, white-water rafting, golfing and sightseeing the national parks among other activities makes this a unique holiday destination.

Hullu Poro Hotel, which was established 1988, is a legendary hotel in the heart of the Levi village.
Taivaanvalkeat Concept Hotel on the other hand offers a perfect getaway from the busy resort and lets visitors experience genuine traditional Finnish accommodation.
Car hire is easily available at the airport for DIY holidaymakers.

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