15ToGo uses blockchain to link social travelers with suppliers

15ToGo uses blockchain to link social travelers with suppliers

A startup backed by one of Eastern Europe’s leading entrepreneurs will be showing visitors to its stand at Travel Forward how blockchain can help solve many of the problems inherent in group travel.

The business, 15ToGo, secured seed capital this April. It is backed by Vassil Terziev, who sold his other business, Telerick, to American Progress for £260 million in 2014.

The platform is designed to introduce like-minded travelers to each other and aims to build a global community. Suppliers – specifically local tour operators who run bespoke tours and activities – can liaise with the traveling group and take secure payments through the blockchain.

15ToGo is confident that it addresses the two big problems in group travel – finding the right sort of people to travel with, and cutting out intermediaries whose commission adds to the cost to the traveller and reduce the income generated by the tour operator.


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