Never Forget Nevada

Never Forget Nevada

Nevada is promoting itself as a destination with something for everyone – culinary delights, historic towns, art and culture,  a road trip down the loneliest road in America, the list is endless.

The high-end restaurants on Las Vegas Strip are complemented by top-quality local food and independent restaurants, such as Basque-influences Elko or a true Nevada cowboy experience at The Star Restaurant is a hangout for local cowboys.

As well as cuisine, there is culture, such as the large-scale, colourful public artwork Seven Magic Mountains. A Cowboy Poetry Gathering is a truly unique experience, and there is also secluded ghost town of Rhyolite for vistiors interested in the unusual.

Its natural beauty is another reason to visit – vast landscapes, state parks, endless open spaces and year-round activities. Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in the US,

is surrounded by 72 miles of shoreline.  During the summer months, it’s a water sports hotspot – when it snows, winter sport enthusiasts are in their element.

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