Discover The Wonders Of Madhya Pradesh’s Wildlife At World Travel Market 2021

Discover The Wonders Of Madhya Pradesh’s Wildlife At World Travel Market 2021

Madhya Pradesh Tourism will showcase the state’s rich wildlife offering to UK and international travellers during World Travel Market from 1-3 November 2021. This year, the Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board, Mr. Sheo Shekhar Shukla will lead the high powered delegation at the event.  Mr. Shukla not only champions eco-tourism initiatives but he is also dedicated to the promotion of culture,  tribal empowerment and regenerative tourism.

Madhya Pradesh is the second largest state in India and is best placed to bring humans into close contact with some of the world’s most wonderous wildlife. The state is also home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Khajuraho, Sanchi and Bhimbetka) while the cities of Gwalior and Orchha feature on the list of tentative UNESCO World Heritage Urban Landscape projects.

The state in the heart of Incredible India, is most famous for its six tiger reserves. Thanks to its 10,000 sq km of national parks, Madhya Pradesh accounts for almost a fifth of India’s tiger population and is consequently known as the ‘Tiger State’. Sir David Attenborough’s BBC wildlife documentary series Dynasties included an episode filmed in Madhya Pradesh’s Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. And the Tiger State of India is now set to get its seventh tiger reserve – Ratapani.

The central Indian state is home to 11 national parks and 25wildlife sanctuaries. Madhya Pradesh’s rich forests form about 25% of its land area and are a refuge for barking deer, leopards, spotted deer, wild boars, blackbucks, nilgais and crocodiles. The state’s butterfly park in Raisen district, spreads over three hectares and houses 65 breeding species and nearly 137 plant varieties.

World Travel Market London from 1-3 November 2021

Members from Madhya Pradesh Tourism will be available for meetings to discuss Madhya Pradesh’s wildlife tourism offering for intrepid UK holidaymakers. To register your interest in a meeting with Madhya Pradesh Tourism at WTM 2021, email

Speaking about the travel trade show, Mr. Sheo Shekhar Shukla said: “Madhya Pradesh Tourism is uniquely positioned to welcome international travellers back in the post-Covid scenario with various new initiatives including rural and agri-tourism which we will launch at the World Travel Market. The friendly people of Madhya Pradesh are eagerly looking forward to showcasing their extensive wildlife offering, exquisite traditional culture, rich heritage, cuisine, and Indian hospitality,”

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