Igoroom: Launching Autumn 2021

Igoroom: Launching Autumn 2021

Igoroom was founded to revolutionise the luxury online travel sector through world leading new and innovative 360-degree tours powered by VR & AI technology to provide potential guests with the first fully immersive virtual reality resort tours.

Creating the power to place guests in the most desired resorts before they book through customized virtual reality. ‘Igoroom is a next-generation discovery and booking engine for luxury leisure travelers.  Our customers will immerse themselves in the full story in 360•, before hitting the ‘book’ button.

“Travelling is one of our greatest and most valued privileges and never have we been more aware of how precious our time, security and safety are – it’s one of our most treasured experiences. I always asked the question – Is this vacation going to meet my expectations? I needed the answer to unquestionably always be 100% yes. Igoroom was developed to not only give that confidence but to create the vacation excitement from the first tap of the booking process.

With new eyes on the traditional vacation booking sector, Igoroom was born. Utilizing & creating the latest VR & AI technology to enable a fully immersive 360 resort showcase. We have spent the last 18 months working with over 500 of the worlds leading luxury resorts who have embraced our creative teams and technological advancements to ensure that Igoroom empowers the consumer to decide which luxury resort will exceed their expectations by enabling them to walk in their own virtual shoes through their preferred resorts, take in the view from a chosen sun lounger or enjoy a breathtaking underwater journey through the coral reefs while snorkeling.

The worlds leading luxury Resorts have given us a resounding yes to be able to take you on this booking journey where VR and AI have never been so important in helping you choose your ultimate vacation.” – James South, CEO & Founder Igoroom

  • Dhigufaru Island Resort


  • Raffles Maldives Meradhoo


CEO, James South, comments: ‘Luxury leisure travel accounts for $1 in every $4 spent on travel globally, in a $450bn industry sub-sector. We’ve identified an upward trend driven by ‘low touch’ digitally empowered millennials and boomers who are driving the growth of online travel.

The intuitive app will be available for download in Autumn 2021, allowing customers to find the best hotels and resorts on the planet and giving them the means to obtain a digital first-person point of view of the property before booking. The app focuses on offering customized luxury travel experiences at exotic destinations across the world.

The brand’s executive and advisory board is a culmination of years of experience in both tech and travel industries, combined with a first to market advantage and ownership of the largest VR company in Asia, Gecko Digital.

App available for download from Autumn 2021 – Igoroom is a subsidiary of Igotopia and works in partnership with Gecko Digital.

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