Cruise America adds more motorhome rental locations

Cruise America adds more motorhome rental locations

US motorhome provider Cruise America has added five new rental locations.

The new locations are Bozeman in Montana, where, at either end of the state sit two of the world’s most iconic national parks – Yellowstone and Glacier – plus Charlotte in North Carolina.

There’s now a New York East location on Long Island, perfect for people wanting to explore the scenery in the countryside of New York including picturesque Fingers Lake and the Adirondacks.

Further south, Nashville and Baton Rough now offer rental options near world-famous destinations, coinciding with the revival of the Great American South, with more people than ever vacationing their way through the southern regions of the United States.

Cruise America has a fleet of 4,500 motorhomes, also known as RVs, in the US and Canada.

A spokesperson said: “We continuously look for ways to provide our customers with experiences that will last a lifetime and we truly believe there is no better way to explore some of our nation’s most iconic cities than in an RV with your closest friends and family.

“Whether you go for the obvious bucket list destinations or blaze your own trail to cultural hidden gems, America is a wonderful travel destination. As we like to say at Cruise America, adventure is just a drive away.”

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