ECOMMPAY launches Timeline — a bespoke payment solution to support the travel industry’s Covid recovery

ECOMMPAY launches Timeline — a bespoke payment solution to support the travel industry’s Covid recovery

ECOMMPAY – an international payment service provider and direct bank card acquirer will introduce a bespoke and ready-to-go payment solution for online travel agencies, hospitality and business aviation — Timeline, at WTM London in November.  

The solution provides an immediate payment experience for end-consumers and saves up to 30 minutes on each booking confirmation or prepayment, whilst also addressing the impact that no-shows and spread bookings have on travel businesses with a payment link expiration option. 

Timeline’s interface features a modern and intuitive dashboard, with highly customisable payment links in multiple languages, offering a superior experience for travel businesses and customers, whilst giving companies more control over their incoming monies. 

Key features of Timeline include:  

One-click payment links to simplify and automate the process of securing funds. Payment requests can be sent for pre-authorisation, and reversing payments now only takes a few clicks.  

Branded payment page and e-mails for a seamless experience that matches brand aesthetics, with customer payment requests coming directly from company emails, not a generic third-party payment provider. 

Payment scheduling ensures consumers are accountable for the full balance, and payment requests can be scheduled to charge additional amounts via a tokenized card stored in the system. 

3DSecure processing protects travel businesses from chargebacks by providing a liability shift from the merchant to the card issuer, adding an extra layer of fraud prevention. 

Contactless payments — In a world that is learning to live with Covid, safety and wellbeing are paramount. Payment links offer a contactless solution via Apple, Google, Crypto and Open Banking. 

Competitive pricing — ECOMMPAY only charges an acquiring commission, rather than a monthly fee and pence-per-transaction, providing significant cost savings for travel businesses as they recover from the pandemic. 


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