Meet Your South Africa at WTM

Meet Your South Africa at WTM

South African Tourism is inviting stand visitors to sample local life, to tie in with its current ‘Meet Your South Africa’ tourism campaign.

As well as sampling local wine and food, visitors can even try their hand at street art at an interactive graffiti wall on the stand.

Meet Your South Africa guide and Soweto local, Charles Ncube will be on hand to guide people as they decorate the wall. He is part of the Meet Your South Africa campaign, which launched earlier this year to focus on wildlife, culture, cities, natural beauty and food & drink.

Soweto-born and bred Ncube grew up in 1980, during the final years of Apartheid and has seen the dramatic changes Soweto has gone through. He has Zulu and Xhosa heritage and speaks 11 languages.

He can offer expert insight into the city and highlight the importance of sustainable township tourism in Soweto and wider South Africa.

The 12 Meet Your South Africa guides have been handpicked by the tourism board due to their friendliness, charisma and invaluable knowledge and expertise in their fields to connect UK travellers with the people of South Africa.

Ncube is available for interviews to discuss his involvement in the campaign, Johannesburg and Soweto, and the importance of sustainable township tourism.

On Monday, November 4, South Africa will celebrate its vineyards and wine estates with a wine evening on its stand.

On Tuesday, stand visitors can enjoy ‘bunny chow’ – a staple dish in KwaZulu-Natal, comprising a hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with delicious curry – washed down with a G&T.

Durban has the largest population of Indians outside of India, and as a result, Indian cooking and flavours have heavily influenced the food scene, fusing with Zulu, Dutch and English culinary influences.

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