The Gambia shows its wild side

The Gambia shows its wild side

The Gambia has launched a new river-based nature and cultural tour for visitors looking for an alternative to the traditional sun, sea and sand package holiday.

Called the Ninki Nanka Trail, the tour is largely aimed at the adventure traveller and special interest groups, and consists of river-based and overland excursions, offering immersive and meaningful interaction with local people, in particular through community-based tourism initiatives.

It enables visitors to discover the variety of Gambian natural and culture heritage while experiencing the oral legend of the Ninki Nanka, a mythical dragon said to reside in the creeks of the River Gambia.

Stories provide accounts of both a benevolent dragon bringing great fortune and a malevolent dragon bringing danger and even death.

The trail is a responsible product that aims to disperse economic benefit to rural areas, and to create opportunities for tourism to continue into the shoulder green/tropical season.

It has been set up by an innovative approach to engaging the private sector in tourism development and poverty reduction in accordance with the concept of shared value and the principles of responsible tourism, creating better places to live and therefore better places to visit.

The product development and promotion of the trail is supported by The Youth Empowerment Project, which supports new products, market linkages, and job opportunities for women and youth.

The project is implemented by the United Nation’s International Trade Centre and is funded by the European Union Emergency Trustfund for Africa.

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