Tobago Puts Their Focus on Sustainable Tourism for 2020

Tobago Puts Their Focus on Sustainable Tourism for 2020

The Tobago Tourism Agency Ltd (TTAL) is focusing its UK & Ireland tourism plans for 2020 on a range of eco-tourism initiatives, which will further enhance the island’s green credentials and international appeal.

Last year, TTAL launched its over-arching tourism rebranding initiative designed to promote the island: ‘Tobago Beyond: unspoilt, untouched, undiscovered’ and this has proved so successful that international visitor numbers increased for 2019 by 14%.

Tobago will be building on these initiatives for 2020 with new plans such as the Greening Initiative. This involves focusing on the amalgamation of several initiatives aimed at environmental sustainability and enhancing the tourism product of Tobago.

The main components of this initiative include working towards internationally recognized eco and environmental standards, promoting and accentuating natural assets, and policy actions geared towards environmental sustainability and preservation.

They are also launching a policy that will see the phasing out of Styrofoam cups on the island as well as a new award called the Green Key Programme, which will be awarded to the most environmentally sustainable resorts on the island.

Tobago is proud to have a number of Blue Flag approved beaches on the island and is pledging a three-year focus on cleaning up other areas of coastline to make the island a paragon of environmental tourism for years to come.


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