German National Tourist Board wins Best Stand Award at WTM Virtual

German National Tourist Board wins Best Stand Award at WTM Virtual

The German National Tourist Board has been named as the winner of the Best Stand Award at WTM Virtual.

It won the honour thanks to the virtual stand’s clear and colourful design, with a wide range of videos, images and inspiring content.

Other commended exhibitors which made the shortlist were the tourist boards of the Canary Islands, Israel, Dubai and Seychelles.

The virtual stands were judged by Michael Ball, Director of influencer marketing agency Traverse.

He said the exhibitors at WTM Virtual had made a tremendous effort with their stands but the German National Tourism Board stood out because of the quality and range of visual content, and the way it linked to various aspects of German tourism.

“Having seen virtual stands at other online events during 2020, I have been especially impressed by the WTM Virtual stands, and some are the best I have seen this year,” he added.

Simon Press, Senior Exhibition Director at WTM Virtual, said:

“Our exhibitors have greatly impressed us with the way that they have swiftly adapted to the challenges of marketing during an online event.

“It’s remarkable that these tourist boards have managed to capture the essence of their destination in a virtual format.

“They offer WTM Virtual delegates a clear, easy-to-use platform for researching and networking – and they also provide a cost-effective and compelling way for their stand-sharers to reach a global audience.

“We congratulate the shortlisted nominees and the winner, German National Tourism Board , for their ability to quickly readjust to the new requirements of a virtual setting, and still offer an inspiring way to do business and prepare for recovery next year.”

Check out German National Tourism Board stand:

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