Go for it…Be an Action-Heroine in 2016!

Go for it…Be an Action-Heroine in 2016!

I know that we all like to set Resolutions at the beginning of a New Year, but I am sure most of you will agree that after some initial enthusiasm they tend to fade away pretty quickly. The thing is, a resolution is just a dream, unless we go through a proper process to make it happen eventually! This is because while having the RESOLVE to do something is the all-important first step after you need to think through what needs to be done to ensure your resolve and motivation do not fizzle out by the end of January.

So here are my top-tips… I hope they will help turn your Resolutions into Actions in 2016!

Tip #1 – Keep it short!

To avoid early disappointment look at each resolution item on your list carefully and ask yourself: what would happen if I achieved that? What would happen if I did not achieve that? As you answer these questions you are going to find that some resolutions are sub categories of others, or are not so important or their impact is not so long lasting. Remember nothing is more motivating than success and while stretching yourself is good, frustrating yourself on an impossibly long list is not conducive to success!

Tip #2 – Lead with your key strengths

This is about ensuring that your resolutions are approached in the most effective and efficient manner. For example, certain things you wish to achieve may come easier to you than others, simply because you have a particular strength in that area or you are so inclined!

For example if you are naturally inclined toward foreign languages or already have a basic knowledge of another language or two, getting your second or third one will be much easier.

So be strategic about your resolutions to give yourself the greatest chance of success!

Tip #3Write it down

When things are written down they are less likely to be forgotten…So don’t just talk about your resolutions…write them down and make an action plan! So how do you go about that? There are some ready-made templates you can use out there, but ultimately any plans should provide the answer to a few simple questions:

Q1) What is my resolution / What do I want to achieve?

Q2) When do I want to achieve it by?

Q3) Which 3 steps will enable me to achieve it? ( Keep it to 3 if possible to keep it simple)

Q4) What other resources / support do I need to achieve it?

Q5) How will I know I have been successful?

If you can answer these questions you will be gone a long way already towards becoming an Action-Heroine in 2016!

Tip #4 Keep it simple and keep smiling

Whatever you do, do not give yourself a hard time! Use some tricks to help keep your motivation up along the way!.

First, if you have already written a plan consider whether you should break your goals further into smaller steps to ensure you are achieving and therefore maintaining momentum and motivation. Remember what matters is that you have embarked on the process and not how big your steps are!

Secondly, find yourself a buddy, a friend a colleague to keep going, check on each other’s progress and support each other as and when needed.

Thirdly, celebrate success! Reward yourself for every step never mind how big or small. It does not have to be an expensive reward nor a material reward. Just sharing the news with your ‘resolutions buddy’ could be enough.

Good luck and much success in 2016! If I can help you in any way just get in touch, or write to tell me about your resolutions and how you are getting on!

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Alessandra is founder of social enterprise Women in Travel CIC which she launched in January 2017 to provide communities in key regions (for example UK, Middle East, Africa and Latin America) with a sustainable livelihood by enabling women to become economically independent through entrepreneurship and a thriving career in the travel and tourism industry. Alessandra is also Chief Mentor & Consultant at Everyday Mentor, where she provides mentoring, coaching and consulting services to a range of clients in the commercial and public sector. Alessandra also collaborates with a number of Universities, including Hertfordshire, Normandy and Surrey. Alessandra is passionate about gender in tourism and has written and spoken extensively on the subject over the last 12 years, including at the United Nations World Tourism Day. She is well known as co-founder of Shine People and Places – a boutique outfit dedicate to supporting women in the workplace - and The Shine Awards for Women Achievements in Travel Tourism Hospitality and Events, which she ran between 2004 and 2010 before Sector Skills Council People 1st took them over. Prior to Shine Alessandra worked at KPMG, where she built the Travel & Tourism division, and the World Travel and Tourism Council. Alessandra has an executive MBA from the University of Ediburgh/Grande Ecole Pons combined; she is a qualified coach/mentor for performance in the workplace and she is a member of several industry bodies including AWTE and the UK Tourism Society.

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