Healing…The British Way

Healing…The British Way

At four weeks since the result no one expected, life has taken on a new dimension, something akin to compulsive addiction. Not for drugs or hard alcohol but moreover, a gluttony for political news morsels (less morsels, more elephant size chunks), for a 24/7 update on the wins and the losses, the treachery and the storylines you simply couldn’t make up.

My guess is that many people might share my view; that little previously, has stoked so much interest nor fuelled so many high octave exchanges as the happenings of the last few weeks. I’m holding close, my short but savored opportunity to speak my mind to Michael Gove – he wins the crown, the king of kings for  true personification of a wolf in sheep’s clothing… never a truer word spoken. Who knew?

Add to that, the soul destroying atrocities in Nice a week ago and the shock of the attempted coup in Turkey, never mind the carnage of the aftermath. Lives lost. Lives ruined. Hearts broken. A deepening chasm of cynicism and hatred. I’m unsure whether I’m paying more attention or whether the political, geo political and economic cacophony that has become ever present, is louder than I can ever remember in my lifetime.

But there is a beacon. A hardwired belief and an unshakable knowing that no matter, like water, we will find a route through.

Something has changed;

I have avidly listened, read and watched the unfolding chapters. Not only of the previous weeks and months but over recent years – usually through a window for health and wellbeing. The view has a wide scope, panoramic lens.  From sickness through to optimal health – from reactive medical to prevention and sustained personal wellbeing. ‘Healing’ is a term used throughout the paradigm I describe, from physical recovery through mental, emotional and spiritual health. I’m mindful of how inconsequential and immaterially, ‘healing’ can be perceived. Particularly through our sometimes hardcore British, stiff upper lip, ‘onward’ culture that we often pride ourselves on.

Something has changed. As I listen to political reports and newsreaders, read opinion pieces and fact based articles – nothing to do with health and wellbeing – I hear the word ‘healing’, a lot.  They were all referring to the state of our nation. To the intangible brokenness across society that is a gaping wound of pain, disbelief and disenchantment. The leave and remain labels and beliefs (many false)  have torn apart families, friends and put pressure on relationships. As I’ve sought many perspectives, from experts to the man in the street, there is a commonality to all that is being said. Thierry Malleret, global economist and co founder of the Monthly Barometer said  “…Brexit has created a tremendous amount of “radical uncertainty” that will affect people’s decisions for years to come. As human beings we hate uncertainty (even if we love risk), which means that this will create stress and anxiety for many” .

Her majesty The Queen,  whilst addressing the fifth session of the Scottish Parliament, encouraged MSPs saying “now is a time for hope and optimism” and reminded global political leaders to “make room for quiet thinking and contemplation”. A supermarket worker told me they were totally “disillusioned  and depr
essed” at what they described as “negative vibes” around voting choices and the chaos following the referendum result. Without doubt, people want to be heard. They want their value and their voice to count.

Theresa May has responded with empathy. She said “The government I lead will be driven, not by the interests of the privileged few but by yours.”

Healing... The British Way 1

The beacon

The beacon to which I have referred – the unshakable knowing that we will find a route through – is one that embraces humanity. I’m beating the same drum, I know, but a humanistic based approach is the single, most potent source of strength and sustainable cohesion. It holds immeasurable value and encourages inclusive equality. I have referred to the ‘strength of the people’  so often and now, more than ever, the bleedingly obvious, stares us in the face. Humanness and their individual and collective wellness, must come first.

The challenge we have, if I may, is that no national campaign or government policy will be successful alone. The winds of change will come from a dedicated and shameless desire to heal and unify in each of us. To seek out the positives, in each other and the lives around us amidst the oftentimes shattered news and events that we know about in minutes of them occurring.

Be well and do good … onward.

Anni is the founder and CEO of Anni Hood, Wellness Business Consultancy, an international advisory firm working with both public and private sector organisations who seek advice and global expertise in the rapidly evolving sector of spa, health, wellness and wellness tourism. Widely recognised as a leading wellness business specialist, Anni advises and supports public organisations, private businesses and individuals to achieve optimal results within the realm of health and wellness. Her work anchors in conceptual development, brand creation, integration and enablement of services, strategic and operational design, operational delivery, programming and re positioning. In addition, Anni leads wellness tourism for the Global Wellness Institute and is the founder and visionary behind K.I.S Lifestyle ® – an online wellness community that enables affordable and accessible integrative health expertise through a range of assessment tools, programming support and coaching options. Her career history has carved out a unique appreciation of multi sector wellness offerings. Anni’s experience has been in hotels, spas and restaurants, inclusive leisure resorts and high end global brands such as the Jumeirah Group, The Sanctuary, Meadowood and Clinique La Prairie. You can find her at www.annihood.com

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