WTM Latin America 2019 is the largest to date

WTM Latin America 2019 is the largest to date

The seventh edition of WTM Latin America saw record-breaking numbers and an increase all around.

Early unique participant numbers from the show, which took place from Tuesday 2 to Thursday 4 April at Expo Center Norte in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, reported a huge increase of 14.5%, according to unaudited figures. The 600 exhibiting companies of 50 nationalities represented in the pavilion accumulated to over 19,400 participants.

The leading B2B travel event in Latin America saw unique visitors, such as travel professionals, government officials, and travel agents, surge to almost 20% more than WTM Latin America 2018.

Additionally, WTM Latin America 2019 saw another growth in the members of international media in attendance. A total of 1,224 journalists and content creators generated a rise of more than 15% from last year.

The success of this year is due to a number of factors, including an impressive conference programme. Brazilian Tourist Board, Embratur, held panel discussions on consumer trends and itineraries for 2019. This is where it was revealed, “Travellers are seeking more than just contact with a place’s history and culture, they want to be immersed and feel part of it”.

Another key session that captivated visitors was on Responsible Tourism, which is part of the WTM Portfolio’s Responsible Tourism programme. Speakers emphasised the importance of creating actions and measures to reduce the carbon footprint. They stressed the significance of the travel industry working as a team to reduce the industries global carbon emission – which is currently at 8%.

Additionally, for the first time, there were dedicated spaces for Women in Travel, Digital Influencer Speed Networking, and Travel Forward. These subjects are all within the WTM London agenda that meant it was the natural progression to introduce them to the Latin American audience.

WTM Latin America, Director, Luciane Leite said: “We could feel throughout the three-days of WTM Latin America there was something bigger about this year. The aisles and stands were full of movement and energy.

“This year’s focus on Responsible Tourism, Women in Travel and the future of travel technology in the form of Travel Forward have definitely created an unmistakable buzz around WTM Latin America 2019. We are very much looking forward to our eighth edition in 2020, from Tuesday 31 March to Thursday 2 April, being even bigger!”

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