WTM Latin America convenes its Advisory Board and starts planning for 2020

WTM Latin America convenes its Advisory Board and starts planning for 2020

Luciane Leite welcomed directors who discussed new ideas and proposals for the next edition of the event

On Thursday (30) in the headquarters of Reed Exhibitions, WTM Latin America’s director, Luciane Leite, welcomed the group of executives who are members of the event’s Advisory Board. At the meeting, the participants gave a brief analysis of how the 2019 edition had been and put forward their ideas for innovation ideas and the trends they see for WTM Latin America 2020.

Considered by the market to be the event’s best-ever edition, WTM Latin America 2019 received more than 19,000 visitors and offered 57 conferences and seminars, 4 Speed ​​Networking sessions and a partnership with 29 partner associations from Brazil, Latin America and other countries in the world.

Adriana Cavalcanti, chair of the Advisory Board of WTM Latin America, believes that active listening is one of the tools that most helps in the process of introducing improvements and constructing processes. “We have professionals in our group with different mindsets and experiences of the market, and this plurality always brings us clear views of market movements and industry trends”, commented the executive.

To clarify the next steps and provide information about the International Responsible Tourism Award, which was launched this year, and that from 2020 will hand out the first prizes, Gustavo Pinto, who is responsible for WTM Latin America’s Responsible Tourism programme, spoke with the directors.

For the last item on the day’s agenda, the directors organized themselves into working groups, which throughout the year will be dedicated to promoting new proposals, innovating content and introducing tools to make the 2020 edition even better. In addition to Adriana, board members Ana Maria Berto, Cassio Salles Oliveira, Danielle Roman, Diana Pomar, Elizabeth Wada, Gustavo Syllos, Jean Philippe Pérol, Ney Neto, Orlando de Souza, Ricardo Ferreira and Toni Sando also attended the meeting.

“We’re very pleased with the results of WTM Latin America 2019 and every year we’re raising the quality level of the event. Sharing the results with our directors and making room to exchange ideas and perceptions gives us insights as to how to improve our performance and what we deliver to our exhibitors and visitors. We left this meeting with the next steps well defined and with many ideas to put into practice”, concluded Luciane.

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WTM Latin America is the three day must-attend business-to-business (B2B) event which brings the world to Latin America and promotes Latin America to the world.

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