WTM Latin America will have a program for students in 2020

WTM Latin America will have a program for students in 2020

The partnership with the Institute of Travel & Tourism (ITT-UK) will bring provide qualified, certified content for students

The 2020 edition of WTM Latin America will have a day dedicated to students. In partnership with the Institute of Travel & Tourism (ITT), the 3rd day of the event will be open to students who are taking courses in tourism and related areas, with a special content program known as Future You.

This will be the first edition of the Future You program at the Latin American event, while at the London event it is already an established feature. Heading up the project is Professor Mariana Aldrigui, who is a researcher in Tourism at the University of São Paulo and who is GTTP’s (the Global Travel and Tourism Partnership) Coordinator in Brazil.

For Mariana, the chance to bring the partnership model to the event is rewarding for the students, for their development and for the market’s long term professionalization. “We need to create mechanisms to bring students, entrepreneurs, public bodies and start-ups closer together in order to achieve positive results and to lay the foundations for good professional relationships. By means of this action, WTM Latin America reinforces its commitment to a vibrant, diverse, skilled industry, one that is ready to cope with changes,” she says.

ITT Future You Latin America is a partnership between WTM Latin America, ITT UK and GTTP Brazil and will offer students the opportunity to hear from professionals in the sector about their careers and the market.

Luciane Leite, the event’s director, reflects on the program and the way in which it will positively affect the market as a whole within a few years. “At WTM Latin America we are committed to generating qualified business between our exhibitors and the visiting public, but more than that, we are well aware of our social role in terms of providing the market and professionals with guidance in relation to best practices. Investing in this action with students reinforces our position of promoting quality content, training and contributing to the tourism industry as a whole”, she adds.

Registration will soon be opened up for the program for students with a nominal fee for the issue of a certificate that can be counted as one of the student’s extracurricular activities.

More information: https://latinamerica.wtm.com/

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