WTM Latin America announces Programme for the Digital Influencers Lounge

WTM Latin America announces  Programme for the Digital Influencers Lounge

Podcasts as a trade tool and the importance of the niche approach are some of the highlighted topics in the space

The 2022 edition of WTM Latin America, the main event for the travel industry in the region, will have a special space dedicated to content producers and digital influencers, the Digital Influencers Lounge.

Located in the Blue Pavilion, the Lounge will have a dual function: it will simultaneously present exhibitor news to bloggers and travel content producers, and also highlight the products and strategies of these professionals for interested visitors.

One of the highlights is the conference/talk by Lincoln de Castro e Silva, Communications Director of the Brazilian Association of Travel Bloggers (ABBV), on the advantages of investing in the production of podcasts, a format that has become more relevant during the pandemic. A survey carried out in partnership between Globo and Ibope shows that 57% of the Brazilian population started listening to digital audio between 2020 and 2021. The content is aimed at trade entrepreneurs and promises to bring practical tips for adopting the tool for publicizing tourism products and services.

Another subject that should generate a repercussion is the importance of the niche approach in tourism. The topic will be presented by Gil Caresia, from GirlsGo, from the perspective of women travellers, but the subject opens the debate about the need to achieve the representativity of other segments, not only when putting together tourist packages, but also when communicating what is on offer. Sharlene Irente, Cãomigo blog, will talk about the opportunities for Pet-Friendly Tourism in Brazil and the world.

Natália Becattini, one of the authors of the 360meridianos.com blog will deal with storytelling, a strategy that is important for several areas and is even more important in tourism. The conference/talk that focuses on travel narratives will teach participants how to write incredible stories based on unique experiences.

On the industry side, Leonardo Fortes (Sales and Marketing manager) and Juliana Bordin (Public Relations manager) will highlight the news and attractions that are making their debut in the parks of the SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Group. Claudio Zboznovits (VP, International Business Development and Global MICE), Alexander Ruiz (Sales Director, Latin America) and Ney Neves (Marketing and Sales Coordinator Brazil) will talk about the recently opened resorts and the upcoming openings of the AM Collection, part of the network that has more than 100 all-inclusive hotels around the world.

The expectations around the new phase of the São Paulo Zoo, now under a Reserva Paulista concession, will be clarified by Heraldo Evans, managing partner of the concessionaire which is also responsible for the Safari Zoo and São Paulo Botanical Garden.

Organized directly by the participants, the programme includes:


Exhibitor: SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

Participants: Leonardo Fortes – Sales & Marketing Manager Brazil; Juliana Bordin – Public Relations Manager Latin America

Topic: New attractions in the parks of the SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Group



Exhibitor: AMR Collection

Participant: Ney Neves – Marketing and Sales Coordinator, Brazil

(TBD): Claudio Zboznovits (VP, International Business Development and Global MICE) and Alexander Ruiz (Sales Director, Latin America)

Topic: News from the resorts’ network, AMR Collection



Exhibitor: Reserva Paulista (managing concessionaire of the São Paulo Zoo, Zoo Safari, and Botanical Garden)

Participant: Heraldo Evans (managing partner of Reserva Paulista)

Topic: What to expect from the new phase of the SP Zoo




Name: Lincoln de Castro e Silva (associate and Communication Director, ABBV)

Blog: Viajante Rei

Topic: Podcasts as a tourism industry tool


Presenter: Gil Caresia, GirlsGo (founder of and mastermind behind Encontro Mulheres ViajanteS)

Topic: Female travellers and the importance of the niche approach in tourism




Name: Natália Becattini (ABBV associate)

Blog: 360meridianos.com | https://natybecattini.com.br/

Topic: Travel narratives: How to write incredible stories that only you can tell (and why this is still important)



Name: Sharlene Irente (ABBV associate)

Blog: Cãomigo

Topic: Pet-Friendly Tourism


Registration for WTM Latin America 2022 is already open, and entry will be by prior registration only and presentation of proof of full vaccination. All health protocols have been adopted and are available on the site.

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