Industry Report: Brits don’t see travel as an attractive industry to work in

Industry Report: Brits don’t see travel as an attractive industry to work in

Only about a quarter of Brits say the travel industry is an attractive one to work in, according to the latest Industry Report by World Travel Market London.

A survey among 2,000 respondents across the country reveals that, when asked: Do you see the travel industry as an attractive industry to work in? 60% answered ‘no’, with only 29% saying ‘yes’.

There has been a recruitment crisis since the industry reopened earlier this year after being put on hold during COVID, when many people were either made redundant or decided to leave. Since then, companies have struggled to find people to fill job vacancies right across the sector, including in travel agencies, hotels, airports and airlines.   

At the beginning of September, ABTA addressed the issue, with a push to highlight the advantages of a career in travel, using social media to communicate with prospective staff and bringing “an increased focus on training to support people who are new to the sector and who quickly need to become familiar with all things travel”.

ABTA Chief Executive Mark Tanzer said at the time: “ABTA is keenly aware that our members, as well as many other sections of the travel industry, are facing serious challenges in a highly competitive recruitment market.”  He described travel as: “One of the most rewarding and enjoyable of industries”, adding people entering the sector can “build successful long-lasting careers”.

WTM London Exhibition Director Juliette Losardo said: 

“There was a time when working in travel and tourism was thought of as a very glamorous and exciting career path. Sadly, the impacts of COVID have had an impact but travel remains an inspiring, fun industry, as well as being of vital importance. 

“You only have to look around the exhibition hall and step into the seminars and sessions at World Travel Market London to see travel is a wonderful, intoxicating business to be in, offering many opportunities for those who opt for a career in the sector.”

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