Say Hello to the New Tribe of Luxury Travellers. Which One Do You Belong to?

Say Hello to the New Tribe of Luxury Travellers. Which One Do You Belong to?

Travel IT group Amadeus has recently released a new report, “Shaping the Future of Luxury Travel”.

From recent luxury travel trend reports, we have gathered that the needs of the luxury traveller are ever evolving. But we certainly did not expect that the change in luxury travel sector is to be the quickest and most evolving.

The comprehensive report revealed that among all travel sectors, luxury travel is growing faster than any other.

A big factor in predicting the overall shape of travel future is identifying the travellers of today. Amadeus has determined there are six types of travel tribes, and three of those tribes can be categorised in the bigger umbrella of Luxury Travellers.

1.) The Reward Hunters












According to Amadeus:

Reward Hunters focus on self-indulgent travel that will often mix a focus on luxury with self-improvement and personal health. The seeking of ‘reward’ for hard work in other areas of their life is what motivates them. They are looking for luxury experiences that are several notches above the everyday.

We can probably attribute this to the rise of health awareness overall (though the 2016 term would be mindfulness).

From yoga retreats, to detox farms – you can now find travel packages that cater to every type of health trend, specific dietary requirements, and holistic beliefs.

And gone are the days when high income earners indulge in rich and unhealthy food. The newspaper caricature of the ‘rich man with a beer belly’ is long obsolete. The Urban Institute created a study in 2015 about how income and wealth are linked to health and longevity.  It is not surprising to find that the greater one’s income, the more in-tune they are with their health and therefore, live longer.

So given that the people who seek wellness travel are likely to be high income earners, wellness travel and pursuits are now easily linked to luxury travel.

2.) The Simplicity Searchers












Amadeus defines them as:

Simplicity Searchers value ease and transparency in their travel planning and holiday-making above all else, and are willing to outsource their decision-making to trusted parties to avoid having to go through extensive research themselves.

This goes back to the basic definition that luxury is very subjective. While some people may find delight and comfort in researching and taking control in every aspect of their travel, some simply find this a nightmare.

Lack of time, the stress of travel planning and research – there are reasons why the Simplicity Searchers would rather have others arrange their travel for them.

The Simplicity Searchers know that time is gold and they’d rather devote whatever free time they have to complete vacation mode.

Besides, isn’t luxury also just showing up and knowing that everything has already been taken care of for you?

3.) The Obligation Meeters










These travellers, according to Amadeus are:

Obligation Meeters have their travel choices restricted by the need to meet some bounded objective. In addition to business travel commitments, these obligations can include personal obligations such as religious festivals, weddings and family gatherings. Business travellers are the most significant micro-group of many falling within this camp. Although they will arrange or improvise other activities around their primary purpose, their core needs and behaviours mainly are shaped by their need to be in a certain place, at a certain time, without fail.

These are who we’d call the “Bleisure” travellers, or those who mix business and leisure (luxury).

Among all the luxury travel tribes, it is this tribe that is the most common, and inevitably, anyone can find themselves fulfilling the role of an Obigation Meeter. Business these days isn’t just confined to work trips. As the definition says, it can mean familial and social obligations as well.

We all find ourselves in that situation: a destination wedding, a work conference we have to attend – we will often take advantage of the fact that you already have to be at a certain destination, so you may as well explore the rest of your time in luxury.

One cannot say that this is a new trend. Travel website Skift has done a study in 2014 called the “Bleisure Report”, where it was revealed that 60 percent of travelers reported having taken bleisure trips, with 30 percent adding at least two additional days to their trip.

Do you want to find out which kind of luxury traveller you are? Take this quiz by Amadeus (It’s surprisingly accurate!)


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