The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

Increasingly, companies are choosing to support charities as a way of engaging and motivating staff, driving sales and meeting their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives.

There are good reasons for this. 93% of consumers are likely to switch to brands that are attached to a cause when price and quality are about the same. Furthermore, an Australian study has found that CSR programmes ‘give a sense of pride in the organisation, engender togetherness and are a source of inspiration and connectedness’.

Reed Exhibitions has been supporting international water aid charity, Just a Drop since its establishment in 1998. Monies raised have contributed towards clean water and sanitation projects that have so far touched the lives of the poorest people in 31 countries.

The charity’s Founder and Chairman, Fiona Jeffery, said, “I always had an environmental focus. But I wanted to find something which was also global in reach and impacted children and families. I felt that businesses should be encouraged to do more than just be successful in business and add value in other ways.”

World Environment Day

For the last three years, Reed Exhibitions has been supporting Just a Drop on World Environment Day – the United Nations’ principal vehicle for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the environment – which takes place on 5th June. Initially, Reed Elsevier launched the World Environment Day Challenge which saw over 20 of Reed Elsevier’s business units from around the world taking part in a range of fundraising activities including football tournaments, sales of lemonade and ice-cream, a blue cake bake-off, book exchanges and more. What’s more, Reed Elsevier matched all donations across all business units raised for the charity. In total, over £11,000 was raised which has funded two water projects in India.

Just-a-drop-World-Environment-DaySince then, Reed Exhibitions has continued to show its support on World Environment Day, helping Just a Drop support many more poor communities in need of clean water and sanitation.

Furthermore, Just a Drop is the charity beneficiary of WTM, attending the show every year in order to raise funds and awareness about its work. Last year, the funds raised supported a project in Kenya which provided two schools with rainwater harvesting tanks.

Get involved: five ways in which your company could benefit from supporting a charity:

  • Charity of the Year: A Charity of the Year partnership can increase staff motivation, job satisfaction and the development of new skills
  • Sponsorship: Sponsoring projects can project a positive image to stakeholders as well as enabling staff, customers, and suppliers to see the difference their support has made to real people in real need
  • Events: By adding a charity as a beneficiary of an event your company is hosting, you can add both feel-good and fun factors to your existing staff or client events
  • Cause related marketing: this is a way for your business to work with a charity to generate funds, with a percentage of profits donated to the charity from the sales of goods or services. Benefits include improved public perception, access to new opportunities and increased market reach
  • Team events: Engaging your staff in fundraising activities can expose latent talent and skills amongst your staff and team events offer the chance for get staff together in environments they wouldn’t usually share.


If you would like to find out more about how you can support Just a Drop, please visit or contact



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Just a Drop is an international water development charity bringing clean water, sanitation facilities and hygiene education to communities across the globe, transforming lives.

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