The Rise and Shine of Economic Wellth

The Rise and Shine of Economic Wellth

2015 is already feeling like a big year in the world of wellness evolution.  The momentum that exists is, I think, a sign of what is ahead in both public and private sector organisations.

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A great ‘capture’ on the combined benefits, influences and bare-faced inevitability of integrating wellness into government and the workplace; is the recent article in the Huffington Post ‘The Year of the Ministry of Wellness?” by Susie Ellis and Renee Moorefield.

“Although only a handful of governments currently appreciate the value wellness holds for their citizens, recognition is beginning to ignite in regions that want to emphasise their indigenous healing traditions to help increase tourism. Governments are wise to acknowledge the benefits of wellness tourism, a sector of travel that is projected to grow 9.9 percent annually over the next five years – nearly twice the rate of global tourism overall.”

We’re at a critical juncture of wellness evolution. International economic wealth combined with the health and wellbeing of country populations leads to a state I’m calling, ‘Economic Wellth’; in the same way that we know that our physical and mental bodies are intrinsically linked, so too, is the wellness and wealth of our business and social economies.

[blockquote style=”4″]The inevitability of wellness anchored policies becoming fundamentally integrated and positioned to drive better life quality, will permeate through a cross section of ministries – how can they not?[/blockquote]

Co-working travelMuch is already happening and businesses are adjusting their sails to meet and exceed both the needs of the wellness traveler and the state that general physical and mental health dictates within the workforce. We’re still only scratching the surface of need and solution. By far, the most significant and necessary recognition will come from governments.   I say ‘will’ rather than ‘should’ or ‘must’ because I believe the tide is already turning for some countries. The inevitability of wellness anchored policies becoming fundamentally integrated and positioned to drive better life quality, will permeate through a cross section of ministries – how can they not?  The overwhelming state of populations, combined with the associated costs of paying for the current status is unsustainable. No country can afford not to act.  The question is; who will lead the charge?

A piece in The Guardian this week has highlighted the growing trend for Wellness-Work travel. That is, a travel intended to rejuvenate, relax and revitalise (wellness travel), but with a mobile office in tow.  Why oh why, when we’re promoting digital detox and encouraging ‘me’ time is this happening?  Substantiated reasoning; in the UK, 4.6 million people, 15% of the workforce, are now self employed – more difficult to leave work behind and even tougher to switch off.  I couldn’t condone this as acceptable, the more burdened we are, the greater the need to unplug but the reality remains; that the trend for ‘co-working’ travel and holidays may very well mirror the growing number of self employed.  There is good news; the advance of technology at the very least, allows a ‘get away’ and a partial dose of wellness that may not previously have been possible.

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Anni is the founder and CEO of Anni Hood, Wellness Business Consultancy, an international advisory firm working with both public and private sector organisations who seek advice and global expertise in the rapidly evolving sector of spa, health, wellness and wellness tourism. Widely recognised as a leading wellness business specialist, Anni advises and supports public organisations, private businesses and individuals to achieve optimal results within the realm of health and wellness. Her work anchors in conceptual development, brand creation, integration and enablement of services, strategic and operational design, operational delivery, programming and re positioning. In addition, Anni leads wellness tourism for the Global Wellness Institute and is the founder and visionary behind K.I.S Lifestyle ® – an online wellness community that enables affordable and accessible integrative health expertise through a range of assessment tools, programming support and coaching options. Her career history has carved out a unique appreciation of multi sector wellness offerings. Anni’s experience has been in hotels, spas and restaurants, inclusive leisure resorts and high end global brands such as the Jumeirah Group, The Sanctuary, Meadowood and Clinique La Prairie. You can find her at

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