This bottle is a lifesaver

This bottle is a lifesaver

This bottle is a lifesaver_1International water aid charity Just a Drop was launched at WTM in 1998. As the charity beneficiary of the event, the charity attends the show every year and its presence helps us to raise funds and profile, build new partnerships and give thanks to all of its supporters in the travel and tourism industry.

Just a Drop was established by Fiona Jeffery, former Chairman of WTM. She initially set it up as a way for the travel industry and its consumers to give back to the communities they travel to. Fiona chose the cause because water is the most basic of human needs, and she felt that if everyone was encouraged to give a little, then collectively a huge difference could be made.

Our projects help transform the lives of communities. They reduce the incidence of water-borne diseases and related deaths. They also reduce time spent walking for water which frees up time to pursue more constructive activities such as tending to crops for women and education for girls.

This year at WTM, Just a Drop, is encouraging visitors to support its ‘This bottle is a lifesaver’ initiative.

The charity will be selling reusable water bottles (kindly donated by H2WOW!) from its giant bottle stand in the Main Boulevard. In return, free refills will be available from various ‘water stations’ around the site throughout the duration of the show, sponsored by the charity’s official partner, ANTOR and its members, including Egypt, South Pacific Tourism, Gibraltar, Jersey, Korea and Slovenia.

This bottle is a lifesaver_2The message is simple: Buy a bottle and be a lifesaver!

For more information please contact Louise Geoghegan.

If you wish to make a donation via your mobile phone, please text WTMH20 £3 to 70070 or visit Just a Drop.

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Just a Drop is an international water development charity bringing clean water, sanitation facilities and hygiene education to communities across the globe, transforming lives.

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