Two Travel Blogger Trends You Need To Know for 2014

Two Travel Blogger Trends You Need To Know for 2014

Travel Blogger Alliances

Since the first travel blog post was written by Jeff Greenwald in 1994, there has always been collaboration of sorts between loose groups of travel bloggers.

In 2012 two of the most influential travel blogger alliances were formed, iAmbassador and Navigate Media Group. They have each undertaken a variety of blogger engagement campaigns with a range of destinations and brands.

Following the success of these projects, in 2013 two further travel blogger groups were formed, EcoAdventure Media and Travelator Media. These new groups are more niche specific, with a particular focus on socially responsible travel and the 40+ UK quality traveller respectively.

Travel blogging alliances can offer the trade a variety of benefits, ranging from;

– Content creation and support

– Social media training and consultancy

– Social media campaigns with greater, amplified reach

Their creativity, expertise and knowledge of travel, social media and content marketing will see an even greater number of collaborative projects with brands and destinations taking place.

In 2014 this will help raise the profile of the wider travel blogging industry, with many more brands and DMOs being made aware of the genuine benefits that bloggers can provide.

Revenue or Engagement?

Potential partners of travel bloggers should be asking;

“Do we want to increase revenue (bookings) or increase brand engagement through social media?”

Whilst the answer clearly effects the key messaging of, and the strategy behind the campaign, it also effects the type of blogger that could be employed

I have been advocating for a while now that there are benefits to be gained by brands and destinations through working with travel bloggers who are perhaps less established and who do not have significant followers.

A small project with a newly established, yet professional and reliable blogger could well reap the extra bookings that are sought, but on the other hand it might not be able to provide the reach and engagement of a more established blogger with a larger following.

I often cite the case from 2013 when Clare, author of Need Another Holiday stayed with Z Hotels in Liverpool for just a night. A short time after the trip, Clare’s post generated a booking for the hotel.

In 2014 we will see more professional, quality, yet less established bloggers will play an even more important role with SME travel brands and destinations.

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