Why Bloggers Need To Be Vlogging

Why Bloggers Need To Be Vlogging

I often hear bloggers talk about what a struggle it is to produce video content, usually because of the time it takes and not having enough hours in the day to commit to it.

Making a Connection

I’ve been guilty of ignoring video content, convincing myself that everything needs to be perfect in my very first video when in reality just making a start and committing to the process is the best way to learn and develop.

As a blogger you want to connect with your audience and what better way than addressing them on video, making a visual and audio connection with them rather than just a written one?

I’ve made a start, by putting video being my top goal for 2015 and although it’s early days, I already feel that it adds to my blogging content offering. You can check out my YouTube channel right here, I’d love any feedback, comments and of course subscribers!

Of course there are also some great examples of travel bloggers who have turned their hand to video including Samuel & Audrey who are prolific at vlogging their travels, Just Travelous’s beautifully shot videos and Stop Having A Boring Life who is documenting daily his house building on a tiny island off the coast of Nicaragua. Overall however the majority of travel bloggers haven’t made the leap into video that perhaps bloggers in other niches have?

Getting to the bottom of why many bloggers aren’t getting to grips with video creation isn’t that simple, you’ll find a wide range of varying reasons. Fundamentally a large portion of bloggers see themselves as writers with many have qualifications in journalism.

The art of blogging for me was never about how good my writing was or whether my grammar was correct, it was about experimenting, creating and engaging on the internet where it just happened that the easiest way to achieve this was to write.

Shyness, Lack of Skills, Lack of Time

Many bloggers are shy, reserved and prefer to put things down in writing. It’s also more difficult than it seems to put yourself in front of the camera (something I’m still battling with). On top of all this there’s also a learning curve to editing, shooting and even choosing music. There’s an artistic element to editing and patience needed to spend hours fusing the right shots together in order to make a quality video. Bloggers readiness to pick up Meercat or Periscope and be the latest “app expert” point to the simplicity and the lack of editing skills required, but the transient nature of theses apps limits the life of the content.

Whatever the reason for putting video on the back burner, bloggers need to start taking it seriously because it’s not going away anytime soon. Video is only going to become bigger as internet speeds around the world increase and more people are able to stream the content than ever before.

YouTube SEO opportunity

If you ever look at Googles search results with an eye on where your own blog post could rank you’d probably notice that it’s often a highly competitive landscape. Try searching for “things to do in Barcelona” for example, you’re competing with the likes of TripAdvisor, The Guardian, Time Out, Lonely Planet, The Telegraph for written content, that’s extremely difficult. Take this to YouTube however and you’ll find a different landscape where big publishers and brands find it harder to produce genuinely personal, engaging and entertaining content that actually connects with people and doesn’t seem like a corporate video.

You only need to put in that extra bit of effort into your video content to outperform the competition on YouTube, where the measurement of audience retention is a key factor in rankings and where a massive 53% of videos have fewer than 500 views and around 30% have fewer than a 100 (according to TubeMogul).

This represents a huge opportunity (not quite sure why I’m letting everyone know about it!?) for bloggers looking to produce video content and although unlike Google search you’re not directly driving users to your site, you are driving them to your content. This represents a opportunity to engage, influence and gain new followers for your blog as a whole.

When you weigh up the opportunity in creating a more personal connection with your audience, building a community, enriching your writing and photography, plus the SEO opportunity on the likes of YouTube, it’s obvious to me where bloggers should be focusing their energy in 2015.

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Paul is an award-winning travel blogger travmonkey.com who focuses on solo adventure travel. Based in London, Paul is an experienced digital marketing professional and also the co-founder of Traverse, a conference and agency working with digital content creators. His next project is all about learning to surf and blogging about it atsurfandunwind.com .


  1. Avatar Elizabeth @ Awesome Wave says:

    YES! I am really getting into video. It was my aim for 2014 to teach myself how to vlog properly, including the editing etc. During our 4 months in Southeast Asia I made over 60 vlogs and the discipline to make so many in such a short space of time taught me loads about the craft.

    Your reasons are bang on the buck too. There’s a real SEO trick to be had there. And just being able to lift your web presence through Youtube could prove to be incredibly valuable for some people

    • Avatar TravMonkey says:

      Thanks Elizabeth!

      It’s certainly something you have to form a habbit in and work hard at too but I think there are rewards to be had if you commit for the long run! Just have to get over those barriers that we all face with video!

  2. Avatar Beth says:

    Great article Paul! Crafting a narrative and filming by yourself is the one thing I’m struggling with, but it’s been so much fun to attempt more video and learning the editing process (still very much a beginner) has been a fun challenge. 🙂


    • Avatar TravMonkey says:

      Thanks for the comment Beth!

      Yes video certainly has a learning curve but it’s also fun! I’m still grappling with getting a good story/narrative into my videos… That’s my next challenge I think! But I think it’s best to jump in with both feet and learn by doing than thinking about it and not taking action!

      I’m off to track down got videos now! 😀

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