WTM Global Hub to host wellness tourism webinar during World Wellbeing Week

WTM Global Hub to host wellness tourism webinar during World Wellbeing Week

WTM Global Hub – WTM Portfolio’s new online portal – will host an in-depth webinar about the future of wellness tourism in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

The webinar is called ‘What academics, industry stakeholders and consumer travellers are telling us about the future of the Wellness Tourism industry’ and will be held on 25th June, at 2pm BST.

The hour-long event will take place during World Wellbeing Week (22-26th June) which will promote awareness of wellbeing services and their benefits.

As people around the world emerge from lockdown, the webinar offers the travel industry a vital forum in which to consider its role in supporting mental and physical health.

Four expert panellists will reveal forecasts gathered from almost 200 industry leaders and academics about how the wellness sector will look in 2030.

They will also study the results of a new survey of more than 2,000 consumers, who have been quizzed about wellness travel.

Furthermore, the panellists will discuss what governments and tourism officials need to know about managing the “new normal” in the best way.

The panellists will be:

  • Anne Dimon, President and Chief Executive of the Wellness Tourism Association, which has more than 100 members and partners in 21 counties;
  • Danny Kessler, a wellness tourism expert who is conducting research for the South Korean government and working with the Wellness Tourism Association;
  • László Puczko, founder of Hungary-based Health Tourism Worldwide (HTWW), who has worked in travel and health for more than 20 years; and
  • Professor Terry Stevens, Managing Director and founder of the tourism consultancy Stevens & Associates and founder of the Tourism Futures blog.

Claude Blanc, WTM Portfolio Director, said: “The wellness tourism sector is one of the fastest growing sectors within travel and is worth $639 billion a year.

“It has been quickly adapting to new trends and that transformation will accelerate in the 2020s as we all adjust to life after coronavirus.

“Our distinguished panel of experts will look at the practicalities of wellness holidays in the coming months and years – what will spa resorts be like with social distancing measures? How can technology help to make holidays COVID-safe? What can we learn from past epidemics such as SARS?

“They will also delve into the research about consumer attitudes and discuss how the industry help can people with mental health, sleep patterns, nutrition and physical fitness.

“The webinar will be a must-watch event for anyone interested in this sector, which is well-placed to capitalise on new and exciting growth opportunities.”

He added:

“Here at WTM, we have closely monitored the rapid expansion of the wellness tourism sector over recent years and our live events around the world held many seminars to keep travel professionals connected and up-to-date with trends.

“As the travel industry recovers from lockdown, our regular interactive webinars are fulfilling that same need, keeping us all in touch and informed until we can meet again.

“Thousands of attendees from around the world have been tuning into our must-see webinars to help them overcome the challenges of coronavirus and emerge fitter and stronger.”

Launched on April 23, WTM Global Hub aims to support travel industry professionals around the world.

Along with interactive webinars, other content from industry experts includes podcasts; a library of videos; blogs; responsible tourism and travel technology news; and ‘Your Travel Community’, featuring positive updates from travel professionals about how they are supporting the industry and others.

WTM Global Hub can be found at https://hub.wtm.com/.

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