Colombia invites you to contemplate, comprehend and conserve!

Colombia invites you to contemplate, comprehend and conserve!

In January 2021, ProColombia launched an incredible project with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Alexander von Humboldt Institute, and the Wildlife Conservation Society called ‘Contemplation, Comprehension, Conservation: An illustrated handbook for nature tourism guides in Colombia’.

The manual, with its informative and easy-to-read text, has 306 pages full of information about the rich and exuberant nature of Colombia and is split into five different chapters: The nature guide; Key concepts; Megadiverse country; Diverse landscapes; and Biological heritage.

This guide is a real invitation for trade professionals and tourism lovers to explore, discover and learn even more about the country’s tourist destinations and its sustainable practices. It is available free in both Spanish and English.

To access click here.

It does not stop there! You will also be able to listen to more than 50 podcasts with researchers and academics here and read various digital publications about the country’s tourist attractions via this link.

To find out more, access the website and watch the video featuring Deputy Minister Julián Guerrero Orozco talking about the project.

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