UNWTO inspire wanderlust with new #TravelTomorrow campaign

UNWTO inspire wanderlust with new #TravelTomorrow campaign

In an effort to unite the travel industry and inject some much needed positivity, the United Nations World Travel Organisation (UNWTO) have launched their online #TravelTomorrow campaign.

Threading through the response to the current crisis, UNWTO highlight the importance of nurturing the values at the heart of tourism. Through videos, blogs and online content they encourage the public to continue to respect each other’s cultures, take care of our environment and look forward to resuming our travel plans at a later date.

Many countries are already implementing the hashtag, including Morocco, Mongolia, Uruguay, Oman and Germany. With access to UNWTO’s new digital resource platform, they have access to a variety of social media elements to help promote the initiative, along with a variety of practical information on COVID-19 and tourism.

The campaign comes with the support of Global Tourism Crisis Committee, who are lobbying for faster and more efficient recovery measures throughout the tourism sector to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. This is a welcome message of solidarity within the industry and the perfect time for us to stand together and look forward to when we will #TravelTomorrow.

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