WTM is expanding into providing insight and opinion to the travel and tourism industry, through travel reports.

We aim to deliver high caliber content on a year round basis via a range of reports, articles and video covering the industry's hottest views, trends, news and developments.

Industry Report 2017

WTM London has surveyed its key stakeholders – exhibitors, senior WTM Buyers’ Club members and visitors – to discover the central issues for the industry and the topics of conversations on the exhibition floor across the three days of WTM London 2017 (Monday 6 – Wednesday 8 November).

The findings form the backbone for the WTM London 2017 Industry Report. They cover a range of issues from industry optimism, the impact of Brexit, responsible tourism, Donald Trump’s Presidency, terrorism and strong performing countries.

These results are put into context by comparison with a survey of more than 1,000 UK holidaymakers (all of whom took a minimum seven-day summer holiday overseas or in the UK in 2017) revealing their booking and holidaying habits.

Top 100 city Destination Ranking WTM London Edition


WTM London is delighted to be launching a new report for this year’s event – Top 100 city Destination Ranking WTM London Edition, by Euromonitor International.

The report will chart the trends behind the top 100 global cities for tourism in 2017, 2020 and 2025. Find out how the world’s leading tourism cities are performing and which trends will see them rise or fall in the rankings.