1st edition of WTM Virtual has a good impact on the Brazilian market

1st edition of WTM Virtual has a good impact on the Brazilian market

The three-day event brings together participants from around the globe

Brazil uses speed networking meetings to connect to rest of the world

The 1st edition of WTM Virtual, which took place from 9 to 11 November – with an extra day on 12 November – has been heralded a resounding success for the Brazilian market, bringing together nationalities from around the world in a purely online event.

During a wide-ranging programme, the virtual event discussed trends and viable paths for the tourist industry in a world affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It hosted virtual meetings between buyers, suppliers, media, exhibitors and tourism professionals.

Latin America played an important role in the event. The president and CEO of the Interamerican Network, Danielle Roman, representative of several Latin American tourist destinations, highlighted the region’s attractions and developments in a series of one-to-one meetings held on the event’s proprietary platform.

“I was positively surprised by the concrete approaches and possibilities of business that we generated from WTM Virtual. The appointments were successful and we generated genuine interest for Latin America in a global showcase,” he stressed.

USP professor and researcher, Mariana Aldrigui, took advantage of the informative conference sessions and was impressed by the high quality of information available over the three days.

“The meeting with the tourism ministers was very representative, as well as the ideas and solutions presented. The studies made available on generations, the aviation market and others were also very successful, and reinforce the potential of the tourism industry,” she said.

Orinter Tour & Travel said the use of meeting technology made it possible to share screens, make presentations and expand the network of contacts, leading to a more incredible conversion of customers.

For Luciane Leite, Exhibitions Director at WTM Latin America, WTM Virtual added to the global industry an opportunity to reactivate the sector.

“We received positive feedback regarding the quality of the event, public interest in Brazil and Latin America and the dynamics proposed at the meetings with a focus on continuing to generate business and contributing to the development of this activity. WTM London could not be held physically, but WTM Virtual fulfilled its role in this very delicate moment for the tourism sector. We continue to rebuild and innovate in the sector,” concluded the director.

Simon Press, Exhibitions Director at WTM London said: “WTM Virtual aimed to connect the travel industry around the globe, and we’re delighted to have positive feedback from our Brazilian delegates. Tourism in Brazil is key to the economy of several regions of the country and we’re pleased we could support the travel industry in the region”.

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