Enter the metaverse: Technologies as a tool for advancing travel services

Technology has always been a driving force in setting how businesses and industries function. The travel and tourism industry is the first field that has embraced technological advancement, from the emergence of WEB 2.0 back in its days, questions and worries have risen on whether travel agencies are losing their presence in the world. Now, with WEB 3.0, and technologies such as the blockchain, the metaverse, and artificial intelligence taking the spotlight of the world of tomorrow, we are here to utilize these technologies not as a replacement for agencies and service providers, but as a tool to further advance their role and services within the industry. This session is an introduction to the basics of metaverse, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, followed by a brand new interactive virtual tour of travel destinations, hotels, and attractions, demonstrating the capabilities of these technologies combined in reshaping the travel industry and preparing it to grasp the future.

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