Unique Food Experiences in Cape Town

Unique Food Experiences in Cape Town

Want to sink your teeth into something unique in Cape Town? From healthy, to meaty to over-the-top sweet, here’s our list of what not to miss while in Cape Town.

Where To Eat In Cape Town: A Cultural Experience

Addis in Cape

If you’re looking for an unforgettable Ethiopian dining experience, then Addis in Cape on Long Street will be right up your alley. Aromatic stews packed with flavour are served on a pancake-like base which you use to scoop up the tasty food. No utensils required! The ambience and relaxed atmosphere will transport you to a different world. They’re also known for their mini traditional coffee ceremony, where coffee is served with popcorn.

More info: www.addisincape.co.za


This Korean Fusion BBQ restaurant just off upper Long Street combines the best of Korean and South African dining. You’ll be able to braai (barbeque) a wide variety of succulent marinated meats and veggies over a table-top fire while trying some traditional Seoul-food like Kimchi Jiggae, Doenjjang Jiggae, Bibimbap and Kimchi Buchimgae. With a meat selection ranging from ostrich to sub-Saharan warthog, kudu and zebra, you’re in for a whole new experience! To top it off, they also offer s’mores, meaning you’ll get to roast a marshmallow with some chocolate and sandwich it between two Marie biscuits.

More info: www.galbi.co.za

Gold – Opulent African Cuisine

With a 14 course Cape Malay and African menu, Gold offers a one-of-a-kind opulent African dining experience. Hailed as a ‘taste safari that will transport you from Table Mountain to Timbuktu’, Gold also presents interactive traditional entertainment, giving you an immersive experience. Currently, their set menu contains gems like Malawi sweet potato cakes, Cameroon Benne chicken salad, Xhosa pot corn bread and South African Mandazi (cinnamon and sugar-coated pumpkin fritters).

More info: www.goldrestaurant.co.za




Boasting one of the largest milkshake menus in town, Gibson’s at the V&A Waterfront has over 100 milkshakes to add to your bucket list. There’s something for every palate with gourmet shake flavours ranging from SA flavours like Malva & Custard and Trifle to interesting combinations like Sweet & Salted Popcorn and Chocolate & Salty Pretzels. Their Freek Shakes bring the WOW-factor with 185ml of liquid dessert topped with even more sweet treats, like their Peppermint Caramel Freek Shake that’s topped with toffee sweets, peppermint crisp, caramel and whipped cream. For the healthier option, they also have yogurt shakes in fruity flavours and even a creamy Avo & Mint Yogurt Shake to try.

More info: www.gibsonsburgers.co.za

My Sugar

Expect Hand-crafted artisanal chocolate that will make you feel like you’re in the movie Chocolat, rather than 2017 and in Sea Point. There’s also a dash of Willy Wonka fantasy in the mix as some of their chocolate creations feel like something straight from the imagination. Their treats double up as impressive gifts and you can also try a milkshake, ice cream sandwich and free WIFI while you decide. To balance out the decadent sweetness they also offer an exclusive rich and smooth My Sugar coffee blend.

More info: www.mysugar.co.za

Dog’s Bollocks

Think juicy, tender, fresh and enormous burgers with a great vibe and no-fuss, messy fun. It’s a real and rugged experience where you can eat cutlery-free. It’s unconventional and has a garage feel about it. As at any spot in the trendy suburb of Gardens, craft beer is encouraged.

More info: www.facebook.com/TheDogsBollocksAtYardCT


There’s a reason why this legendary Gugulethu joint has received a visit from famous TV Chef Jamie Oliver – It’s the real deal! Believe the hype. At Mzoli’s you’ll be delighted to find a great selection of meat as well as chicken wings being braaied on the coals. Like any respectable Shisa Nyama (or barbeque) there’s pap, a great vibe and cutlery is kept to a minimum.

More info: www.facebook.com/Mzolis-Meat-Gugulethu




Reverie Social Table

If you love surprises, great food, wine and company then you need to book a seat at Reverie Social Table. Everyday chef Julia Hattingh serves up an exclusive five-course meal to guests seated around an 18-seater table. This is a chance to put away your cell phone and chat to some of the interesting people you’ll find in Cape Town. After all, great food and delicious wine encourage interesting conversation.

More info: www.reverie.capetown


Affectionately known as the R10 store, Xpresso takes the cake for the best bargain in town. Everything on the menu is R10 (no seriously, everything). From lattes to chocolate muffins, croissants and tuna salads. With three branches (Durbanville, the CBD and Brackenfell’s Cape Gate), this franchise aims to make coffee affordable for everyone. At the Durbanville branch, you can also give an extra R10 so that a cash-strapped visitor can get a coffee or snack on your behalf. Pretty neat, right?

I love my Laundry

Kill two birds with one stone at I love My Laundry as you’ll be able to munch on delicious Dim Sum and baked goods while your laundry is done. Who knew meat, vegetarian and BBQ pork buns would make such a fantastic match with dry-cleaning and alterations! It’s a clever concept and brilliant way to multi-task.

More info: www.facebook.com/ILMLbuitenkant

Sexy Food

Founded in 2012, Sexy Food has a wholesome food philosophy that means their food doesn’t just look and taste good, it’s exceptionally replenishing too. At this cosy spot on Bree Street, you’ll find scrumptious bun-less burgers, food brimming with live cultures and delicious (if somewhat difficult to pronounce) ingredients like Kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir and kombucha. You’ll also be spoilt for choice with their range of organic vegetables, smoothies, smoothie bowls, probiotic dressings, vibrant lunch buffets, desserts, cold-drip teas and juices!

More info: www.facebook.com/SexyFoodSA


This Vegan favourite in Cape Town offers a completely animal-product-free menu that anyone can appreciate. You’re guaranteed to find something you haven’t tried before, like the chia seed parfait on the breakfast menu, or a vegan BLT with Tempeh rashers served with plain or spicy Plant mayo and sweet potato fries. Their burgers come highly recommended (you can choose between a beet burger, bun-less Mexican Tower or mushroom burger). You’ll have a whole menu-page of desserts to choose from with delicious options like raw cake, raw tiramisu and gluten free brownies.

More info: www.facebook.com/plantcapetown

For more l information, visit the Cape Town Tourism website, www.capetown.travel

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