Four question with VILA VITA

Four question with VILA VITA

1. What are you looking to promote at ATM this year?

After extensive refurbishment of all 194 rooms in our luxurious hotel in Marburg, Germany we are hoping to encourage more Arab travelers to this fabulous Location in this quaint little fairy tale town.  The medical tourism to Germany is increasing every year and here we have the 3rd largest University hospital with all the specialists offering the highest medical treatments.

2. What products are VILA VITA Marburg showcasing at ATM?

We will be offering an insight into all 5 properties of the VILA VITA Group, also showing all the 5 star services which the Arab guests are looking for when travelling to Europe, the property in Germany is perfect for the guests who are looking to relax or drive to nearby shopping metropoles, Frankfurt, Cologne, Düsseldorf or Munich.

3. What differentiates VILA VITA from other serviced residences?

Being a family-owned company we are constantly keeping our properties to top international levels, Arab guests feel at home due to Arabic speaking staff within the hotel and at the University hospital, there is definitely a feeling of “Home from Home” at our 5 Star hotel and residence.

4. What are the tourism targets for the future?

We are expanding our presence further than mainland Europe, UAE, Saudia Arabia, India, Japan and USA, being a small chain of hotels we are still not that well known as one moves further away from Europe. The medical tourism is one of the key targets which we hope to achieve in the Middle East.


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