Three reasons for you to put yourself forward for the WTM Latin America Responsible Tourism Awards

Three reasons for you to put yourself forward for the WTM Latin America Responsible Tourism Awards

By Gustavo Pinto

The first edition of the WTM Latin America Responsible Tourism Awards is taking place in 2020. This widely-renowned award has been held since 2004 during WTM London and today includes specific editions for the African continent and for India. We have already chosen the categories that will feature in the Latin American version that represent the biggest challenges faced by the tourism industry on our continent – we want to bring to light those cases where the challenges have become business opportunities involving socioeconomic and environmental responsibility.

Are you still in any doubt as to whether you should register for the first edition of the award that is dedicated to sustainability in tourism for Latin America? We’re sure that the three reasons (of several!) that we’ve set out below will make you register for it now!

  1. Make sure you’re recognised

At WTM we know that taking responsibility for the positive or negative impacts we leave on the destinations in which we operate requires time, dedication, the involvement of the whole workforce and in some cases financial investment. Gathering together the results of this effort is a reason for celebration, and recognizing them undoubtedly has an impact on everyone involved, including the communities where we are located.

We have already seen cases where the award was the beginning of foreign investments destined for maintaining or expanding the sustainability projects of winning organizations. There are countless testimonials to cases in which the WTM Responsible Tourism Awards were fundamental when it came to promoting businesses and destinations and achieving a clear financial return; after all, responsible tourism makes business sense.

  1. Stand out from your competitors

It is for business reasons that WTM supports responsible tourism around the world with panel discussions during its events and the award ceremonies held in its main shows. The mission behind the responsible tourism programme is to show the tourism industry that taking responsibility does not result in additional expenditure. On the contrary, our experience shows that organizations that have adopted this strategy stand out from their competitors and ensure the operational health of their destinations and their own activities.

In a market in which competition is increasing with the advance of new technologies, standing out in your industry by promoting sustainable development is becoming essential when it comes to consumer decision making. Being able to show off an award you have won is a testament to the fact that the results of sustainability are real and recognized by the specialists.

  1. Media coverage

WTM Latin America receives extensive media coverage. The stories of the finalists and award winners are mentioned in the media, always with the reasons that made them stand out at the event. The value of the return on spontaneous media for the Responsible Tourism Awards is high and long-lasting, and winners and finalists can also use the award logos and issue press releases and post on social media and in blogs, thus ensuring that the organization remains visible in a wide diversity of communication media for a long time.

If you decide to register, or if you know who ought to win this award, don’t waste time! Visit WTM Latin America’s Responsible Tourism Awards website and download the forms.

Registration is free and open until 30 November.

* Gustavo Pinto
M.A. in Responsible Tourism – Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Advisor in Responsible Tourism for WTM Latin America
Director of Inverted America Journeys

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  1. Shaji Rajan says:

    Being a tour operator, it is my pride to connect and associate with such a prestigious platform as WTM. As the tourism industry expand in a wider dimension, competition also get increased. In this context, the contribution and innovative support from organization like WTM is crucial for the tourism industry to move on in development mode.

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