The ATM onsite press office

The ATM onsite press office

By Nathalie Visele, Director, Shamal Marketing Communications, ATM’s official public relations company

My first ATM as a director of Shamal, was in May 2011 and although it was only five years ago, looking back now it’s remarkable the way in which the show has grown, the contrast is now quite extraordinary.

Physically of course it’s easier to appreciate the expansion, it has more halls, more stands, more sponsors and of course lots more visitors. But one area of huge development that might not be so apparent, is the growing number of media professionals that attend the show.

Consequently, the amount of media coverage, which is monitored throughout the year, has recorded astonishing levels of growth over the past five years. Let me explain;

In 2011 ATM registered 800 members of the media and generated over US$ 8 million worth of media coverage. Last year we issued 874 media badges and recorded almost US$ 13 million, worth of print and online editorial.

So an extra 74 (+9%) reporters achieved a whopping US$ 5 million worth of media coverage, an increase of more than 38%. How can that be I hear you cry, well ATM is a show with substance, as well as a little panache!

The show now boasts 2,800 exhibitors, an increase of 600 since 2011; currently there’s 86 countries represented, that’s 19 new country destinations in just five years and with 26,000 trade visitors that’s 4,000 additional buyers!

Now there’s something to write about!!

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