Shaping the Luxury Travel Experience for a New Generation

Shaping the Luxury Travel Experience for a New Generation

As current children under the age of 18 are capable of booking holidays on their own, the access to digital technology has made children sharper and more advanced than ever before. A panel of thought leaders in travel met to discuss how to best shape the luxury travel experiences of “smart kids” in the digital age.

It has become increasingly important for hotel and resorts globally to ensure the younger traveller’s experience is enhanced, all the while children are still the most ignored target audience in travel. Information is easily available to children in this digital age, who deem on innovation while they plan for vacations.

Most of the population in the Western World and the Middle East like to invest in world-class traveling experiences and take their children along. Parents are continuously concerned for their children’s well-being, making them willing to pay for luxury experiences keeping their children engaged and happy. The creation of fun, captivating activities, designed specifically for children is thus crucial to a satisfied and loyal “family customer”.

Children are the latest travel customer segment that hotels and resorts need to focus on, since the rapidly growing technology-use for all in the digital age is raising the expectation of even the youngest of travellers.

This panel discussion of industry experts was led by Joe, editor at the Large Destinations of the World News, and included Phillpe Zuber, president and COO at One&only resort; Kate Dicker, founder, and business development consultant for worldwide kids, and Simon Casson, President of Hotel Operations for Europe, Middle East and Africa Four Seasons.

Watch the full session here:

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