JacTravel launches “In-Memory computing software at WTM London”

JacTravel launches “In-Memory computing software at WTM London”

JacTravel, the UK based B2B accommodation wholesaler, is rolling out its’ new FIT booking platform using state of the art, in-memory computing software which will greatly reduce search response times, whilst at the same time allowing the company to increase search capacity in a structured and forecastable manner.

The project, a significant investment, has been led by JacTravel CTO and industry veteran, Francesco De Marchis and has seen the company acquire and bring in-house source code as well as recruiting a specialist and dedicated team of developers, testers and business analysts.

Francesco says, “Our aims with this project were to move from two trading platforms to one, single search and book environment, providing our partners with a seamless integration whilst operating a business as normal approach. The philosophy was to retain all the best elements of our existing platforms whilst improving performance and creating a scalable structure to facilitate our growth ambitions over the coming years.”

Peter Clements, JacTravel CEO added, “It is very exciting that we are in a position here at WTM to be talking to our trade partners about the benefits that this project will deliver. Our clients will be able to enjoy sub-second responses and the ability to take more product from us and our supply partners will naturally see the benefits from increased distribution levels and enhanced search to book conversion levels.”

The company is currently piloting the new software with a number of clients with a view to fully roll-out at the beginning of 2018.


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