Aldemar Resorts CEO Alexandros Angelopoulos urges evolution and committed green credentials for all of Greece’s tourism product

Aldemar Resorts CEO Alexandros Angelopoulos urges evolution and committed green credentials for all of Greece’s tourism product

Aldemar Resorts are renowned for their eco-friendly policies and consistently excellent guest reviews which have received many awards over the years. The CEO, Alexandros Angelopoulos with three representatives from Aldemar Resorts will be on stand EU1100, the Greek National Tourism Organisation at this year’s WTM.

Aldemar Resorts is a family-owned company and one of the leading hotel chains in Greece with a total capacity of 3,738 beds and 1,200 employees. CEO, Alexandros Angelopoulos continues to forge with his vision not just for Aldemar Resorts but also for Greece’s hotels and the tourism product as a whole: “As responsible tourism companies, we all need to look less at ‘development’ and more towards ‘evolution’, to affirm our relationship between  ourselves and our guests, but even more so with the environment. ESG’s (Environmental, Social and Governance) subsidies are key to providing sustainable economies for our country and can only be evaluated at the end of the investment periods.”

Despite the efforts implemented by Aldemar Resorts to re-start the pandemic tourism year in 2021, summer sales were 50% of the annual revenue generated in 2019, a shortfall that makes this year’s recovery fall short of being classed as a ‘normal year’.

“Once these subsidies are made available and given the appropriate support, the Peloponnese will take the position it should have in the country’s tourism product, which if not the first, because there are many well established and popular destinations, such as the South Aegean and Crete, to be counted amongst those also.” Concludes Alexandros Angelopoulos.

There are many that wish to see the Peloponnese take its position as the perfect retirement homes from home, for both Northern and Central Europeans looking to invest in such projects. These areas of the mainland Greece are perfectly positioned to deliver and ought to be considered as sustainable tourism projects.

In 1999, Alexandros Angelopoulos supervised the Technical and Maintenance Department for Aldemar Resorts. This was the first hotel chain in Greece to look at “green” projects which included the pioneering investment and installation of solar panels in both Crete and West Peloponnese. Since the implementation of solar panels at the Aldemar Resort hotels, at a total cost of 1,320,000.00 euros, in less than three years this has paid off achieving 95% of water heated by solar gain and electrical power conservation of 50% with the use of advanced recuperation energy systems.

Aldemar Resorts has six deluxe hotels, four in Crete and two in the West Peloponnese, as well as two world class Thalasso Spa Centres and Conference Centres, one in Crete at the Royal Mare Hotel and the other in the Peloponnese at the Royal Olympian.

The Aldemar Group has 32 years experiece in the tourism market and is recognised as being one of the most dynamic businesses of the Greek hospitality industry. Its success is due to continuously investing in innovative products and ideas and by demonstrating a high level of responsibility toward people and the natural environment.

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