Dur Hospitality launches “Nur by Makarem” a Hotel Brand

Dur Hospitality launches “Nur by Makarem” a Hotel Brand

Redefining affordable 3-star hospitality

In a bid to redefine the affordable hotel experience in Saudi Arabia, Dur Hospitality has unveiled “Nur by Makarem”, its new 3-star hotels brand. The company made the announcement during its participation at the World Travel Market as part of the Saudi Tourism Authority’s pavilion. The new hotel brand is affiliated with Dur’s subsidiary, Makarem Hotels, as part of the company’s strategy to create home-grown hotel brands that enhance Saudi Arabia’s affordable hospitality segment, which has been growing in popularity. Dur’s approach focuses on providing world-class hospitality services infused with authentic Saudi heritage and good hospitality, while adopting top international standards and best practices and incorporating the latest technologies in the field.

“Nur” will convert, operate and manage 3-star hotels in Makkah and Madinah, providing hotel owners the exceptional opportunity of having their facilities re-branded to correspond with the “Nur” standard. This involves fully transforming and upgrading the whole hospitality experience, including the facility and the services, in record time.

“Nur” draws on Makarem’s long-standing experience and world-class services, and brings a great background with top skills and know-how qualifying it to add value to the 3-star hotel segment. Through its viable business model, Nur also will contribute to the sustainability of the 3-star hotel sector while ensuring its adherence to international standards.

In his remarks, CEO of Dur Hospitality Mr. Sultan bin Badr Al-Otaibi, said, “Dur Hospitality is ushering in a new and unique era for the sector, introducing new elements at the level of operation and services. This comes within Dur’s efforts to build an integrated Saudi hospitality ecosystem.” He added: “Dur Hospitality heralds a new phase of growth with the launch of Nur brand that will bring a unique home-grown product into the Saudi hospitality market by managing and operating 3-star hotels, drawing on Dur’s success in the 5- and 4-star hotels and residential complexes sectors. We will provide hotel owners with the expertise, tools and skills that will help transition their hotels to a new level of service and technology that makes it easier for them to reach their customer base efficiently, and at a competitive cost.”

In parallel, Dur’s President of Hotels Operations Mr. Hassan Ahdab stated, “Nur hotels will draw on the latest approaches and techniques in the industry to manage and run the 3-Star hotels seamlessly for an upgraded experience, seeking to brand the biggest number of hotel rooms in the holy city of Makkah and Madinah with the Nur logo in a short period of time and without incurring any financial burdens for the hotel owners. Subsequently, Nur Hotels will standardize all the specifications of the 3-star hotel rooms to deliver a unique and consistent customer experience across all Nur-branded facilities. The new brand will operate in accordance with Makarem’s approach in offering the finest hospitality experiences, inspired by the spiritual heritage, ambience, and authenticity of the holy sites of Makkah and Madinah, making Nur the first hospitality brand to provide affordable accommodation for spiritual tourism.”

By launching “Nur” brand, Dur affirms its commitment to supporting the growth of Saudi hospitality and positioning Saudi Arabia as a leading regional tourism and hospitality destination. The new brand is another milestone added to the company’s list of achievements, alongside the recent completion of the full renovation of Makarem Ajyad Hotel.

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