Larnaka Tourism Board WTM 2021 media update

Larnaka Tourism Board WTM 2021 media update

For the UK, autumn is synonymous with colder temperatures some sunshine, but also the need to wrap up even on a day of clear blue skies. However, by the shores of Larnaka, summer lingers on. Temperatures this week, the first week of November will reach a high of 28 C, continuing to give visitors the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beach or combine the coast with visiting villages and the mountains, as well as the island as a whole. A great time to walk, cycle, indulge in complimentary workshops from beekeeping for a day in Larnaka Region’s Vavla village, to cooking and craft workshops in Lageia village. These free workshops are part of the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism’s ‘Handicraft & Gastronomy Workshops 2021’ initiative aimed at offering authentic, local experiences, and will continue until the end of the year. 


New Hotels opening in the Larnaka region 

A host of new hotels are on the horizon including resort hotels, boutique establishments and lodgings in historic, listed buildings, expanding the choice of accommodation available. In particular, the Voroklini-Pyla coastal area (also known as Larnaka-Dekeleia Road) is seeing a luxury resort boom along its strip, starting with the 2022 season openings of the Radisson Beach Resort Larnaka and the Solaar Boutique Hotel. 


The 5-star Radisson Beach Resort Larnaka will have a 404-bed capacity and rooms with private pools, a spa, four food and beverage outlets and event venues. The Solaar Boutique Hotel & Spa (where the former Michael’s hotel stood) will have a 114-bed capacity, three private villas, luxury spa, and rooftop restaurant and conference room with sea views. 


Another three deluxe establishments along the same strip are in the approval process; a four-star hotel with apartments on the site of the former Beau Rivage Hotel; an adjacent five-star complex, and a further luxury hotel east of Golden Bay Beach Hotel. The addition of further high-star hotels along this particular area of the coastal road will also tie in with the area’s upgrading and further new development following the removal of the oil refinery tanks. 


 Calling all art lovers – the Larnaka Biennale, on until 26 November 

An extravaganza of art is gracing the galleries of Larnaka city for the second edition of the ‘Larnaka Biennale’, which takes place from October 13 – November 26 in participation with local and international artists. Art and culture lovers can enjoy art exhibitions and mini festivals as well as street music, film screenings and dance during the island’s largest collective arts event. 

Multiple exhibitions will take place, along with lots of other events, including theatre, film screenings, performances, lectures, workshops and tours. There are also a host of official food and beverage ‘city spots’ participating in the event.  The main exhibition spaces are the Municipal Art Gallery, The Multispace of Creativity & Culture, and Pierides Museum – Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation (all in the heart of the town centre), alongside other eclectic venues both in the city and as far as the rural villages.  


Larnaka’s first themed nature trails are ‘Honeybee Nature Trails’ 

The creation of the island’s first themed nature trails is starting with the new ‘Larnaka Honeybee Nature Trails’ at three of the ‘Rural Larnaka Honey Villages’. The project will enrich the regions’ mountainous tourist attractions, as well as protect and encourage the essential role of bees. The design of the nature trails will be ready by the end of this year, with the construction of the first path implemented within 2022. 

The ‘Rural Larnaka Honey Villages’ is a cluster of nine, quaint villages that practice beekeeping and honey production and have their own unique, collective identity. The trails will all have a signposted entrance with maps and information, as well using beehive models in innovative ways such as for seating or as containers. Bee friendly trees and greenery will be planted and water sources and bee ‘hotels’ will be added – all aimed at increasing nectar and bee productivity.  


24 hours in Larnaka city 

Larnaka city is the ideal starting point to discover the region’s rich history and culture which is jam-packed with a large number of fascinating attractions. If you only have 24 hours in Larnaka city centre, the Larnaka Tourism Board has put together an itinerary to discover some of the key attractions of this southern coastal city. Highlights include the Larnaka Marina, the Larnaka Historic Archives Museum, the Medieval Castle with its museum, the eclectic Salt & Pepper Museum, a Mosque, and the shops and cafes of the cobbled Ermou Square. Click here to see the suggested itinerary. 


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