Nitro Loves Business Continuity

Nitro Loves Business Continuity

Inbound tour operators can now further trust cloud-based tour operator systems. 

Because we in Nitro acknowledge that Quoting, Booking, and Operating your tours at all times is Business Critical – we have partnered with NCC Group, a leading UK Escrow and software resilience company, to further strengthen our customers’ trust in constant availability. 

We take our Uptime Service Level Agreement very seriously and it is one of the most aggressive with heavy financial fees after just 1 hour of downtime. We have never had any issues despite it being in effect for 6 years, so we actually mean it. 

Our special Standby-Server solution and our partnership with NCC Group means that our customers can feel safe that should anything ever happen to our company, the customer will get a password from NCC and just keep working on their server. 

“Our customers appreciate that we act upon their concerns with the cloud, and we have no problem standing up for our solutions,” says Pascal d’Hermilly, CEO of Nitro Travel Solutions.  

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