Polish National Tourist Office Appoints New UK and Ireland Director

Polish National Tourist Office Appoints New UK and Ireland Director

The Polish National Tourist Office has appointed its new UK and Ireland Director ahead of a busy year welcoming back travellers to the country after the pandemic. The new appointment comes at an exciting time for Poland with new tactical marketing campaigns continuing to build up Poland’s image as one of Europe’s premier destinations for diverse city breaks, unforgettable nature escapes, and outdoor adventure. 

New appointment to bring innovative approach  

The Polish National Tourist Office (PNTO) has announced the appointment of Dorota Wojciechowska, former Head of Marketing of the PNTO, as the new UK and Ireland Director in London. Ms. Wojciechowska will bring extensive industry and marketing experience and will be implementing comprehensive strategies in the UK and Irish markets. 

Promoting tourist attractions through wide reach digital campaigns 

Ms. Wojciechowska’s core strategy will be to promote Poland as the ideal European destination for post-pandemic city breaks, in addition to showcasing the country’s stunning nature. By running tailored online campaigns and placing key tourist attractions in TV shows with large audiences, Ms. Wojciechowska plans to improve Poland’s image among the British travellers who have never been to Poland before. These campaigns will showcase the country’s amazing cities, culture and illustrious history. 

 Increased online presence to expand Poland’s reach 

As global travel continues to return to pre-pandemic levels, Ms. Wojciechowska will utilise her vast experience to help position Poland as a leader in Europe’s tourism market. The PNTO plans to work closely with high profile influencers, opinion leaders and media to create targeted and highly effective online campaigns. Press trips will offer the opportunity for media and travel agents to get an authentic experience of Polish culture and history.  Similarly, the PNTO plans the host webinars to help travel agents learn about Poland and what makes it a must-visit destination. 

Tourism returns as UK visitors experience Polish culture once again Poland remains one of Europe’s most affordable and easily accessible destinations, offering visitors the chance to experience an epic weekend break and uncover unique locations. Poland is easily accessed via some of Europe’s best transport links with direct flights operated daily from across the UK. Poland is currently on the UK’s amber travel list. Fully vaccinated travellers currently do not have to quarantine upon arriving in Poland or when returning to the UK. Moreover, visitors do not need to take a COVID test before their departure to Poland. 

Further marketing opportunities will come from collaborating with one of London’s most respected media and communications agencies, AM+A Marketing and Media Relations, who integrate creative, digital PR techniques and an ethically minded focus. 

“The Polish travel industry is inspired to make travel happen again and we want to be a part of that journey by taking part in this years’ WTM. It’s vital for us to meet face-to-face with our British partners and renew our business relationships as we look to recover. We are looking forward to welcoming back all foreign tourists, particularly those arriving from the UK, which is one of the reasons why I’m delighted that we’ll be promoting our key cities and regions along with Polish tour operators at WTM in London” states Dorota Wojciechowska, UK and Ireland Director of the Polish National Tourist Office in London. 

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