, On Track to Unicorn Status, Unveils New Features at WTM 2023, On Track to Unicorn Status, Unveils New Features at WTM 2023

As WTM 2023 nears, is eager to unveil a host of new features aimed at further simplifying the car rental experience. On the B2C side, they’ve refined the user interface to offer an even more intuitive booking process. Their advanced booking features, location-based search functionality, rewarding loyalty program, and new campaigns offering additional savings up to 50%, are designed to make the car rental process seamless and budget-friendly. They’re also introducing green car options, AI-powered recommendations, and an enhanced mobile app to cater to the modern traveler’s needs.

On the B2B front, their SaaS solution now allows for easy adaptation with no developer needed for onboarding. Resellers can effortlessly adjust commission rates and view all prices and suppliers on a single page. The platform now offers superb reporting features, dead simple use for corporations and travel agencies, easy reconciliation, a no-hassle pick-up service with full credit, and a 100% money-back guarantee in case of necessary cancellations. Their 24/7 award-winning call center support, easy invoicing, and various payment options ensure smooth operations. Additional features such as employee authorization, enhanced customizable user interface, easy integration with car API model plug-and-play, white label option with car label module, and their car label portal serve to transform any website into a robust car rental engine in seconds without any developer requirement.

The platform now serves over 7,000 companies including Allianz, BBVA, Carrefour, and QNB, effectively meeting their car rental needs. This vast network of corporate partnerships underscores the platform’s robustness and reliability in delivering top-notch car rental services. With a continually expanding network and a relentless pursuit of excellence, is not just meeting the current market demands but is also well-positioned to embrace the future of the car rental industry.

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