“Colombia, The Country of Beauty”: The Latin American Country’s New International Promotional Message

“Colombia, The Country of Beauty”: The Latin American Country’s New International Promotional Message

 “Colombia, the Country of Beauty” is the new message that will be used to internationally promote the natural, cultural, and historical attractions that make this country a unique business and tourism destination.

The Minister of Trade, Industry, and Tourism, Germán Umaña Mendoza, says that this unified promotional message aims to attract more foreign investment, boost non-mining and non-energy exports, and promote inbound international tourism, all under the umbrella of sustainability. “This message celebrates our cultural wealth, our people’s warmth, our stunning natural landscapes, and other attributes that make Colombia one of the region’s most unique and alluring places. This strategy will allow us to project a positive and authentic image that invites travelers and investors to discover the hidden beauty of our land,” affirmed Umaña.

According to ProColombia President Carmen Caballero, this narrative is key to achieving the goals defined by Colombian President Gustavo Petro’s administration. This new strategy also works towards achieving the goals of US $13 billion in non-mining foreign direct investment and more than US $30 billion in exports of non-mining goods and services. “This marks an important step in promoting Colombia as a destination brimming with authentic and transformative experiences that appeal to international travelers and generate business—encouraging the world to buy our products and services and spurring investors to see Colombia as an ideal country to settle in,” Caballero said. The concept was developed through a methodical process in which FONTUR and ProColombia—led by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Tourism—conducted research, a perception analysis, and consultations with experts, aiming to highlight Colombia’s unknown and unique beauty.

For the first time, the resulting message can be used to attract international tourism as well as promote national tourism. During this analysis, several factors were taken into account, including the research on public perception and opinion at the national and international levels, as well as Colombia’s unique and appealing attributes.  For example, in September 2022, Forbes Magazine’s international edition ranked Colombia as the third most beautiful country in the world out of the 50 countries that were analyzed. This strategic process led to the conclusion that beauty—in multiple dimensions, including natural landscapes, cultural diversity, culinary richness, and the warmth of its people—is one of Colombia’s distinctive and appealing elements, which deserves to be highlighted in the new Country Brand narrative.

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